How does emergency LED bulb work?

Power outages that last for a long time are a constant source of trouble. In a country that is developing like ours, a lack of electricity supply causes a myriad of problems. From studying to chores at home, days of darkness result in a lack of productivity. With the development of modern technology, taking care of these tasks has become a lot easier.

To alleviate the problems of constant power interruptions, Magik Lights brings you Powerjack LED Emergency Bulb! It is specially designed to work even in the absence of electricity, the bulb offers an energy-saving battery that lasts for 4 full hours. The technology utilized in its backup led lights bulb manufacturing process permits the bulb to automatically begin after a power outage and then automatically charge upon power supply is available.

Apart from being a great option for rural areas and certain areas of cities with more frequent energy outages They also serve as an ideal solution for areas with higher power outages. emergency light bulbs are a perfect fit for garages, bathrooms, corridors and more. They aren't always protected by inverter connectivity. Once the power is cut off, the bulb will come on to light your home while remaining energy efficient.

What is the Powerjack LED Bulb's function?

This Powerjack LED bulb works through an internal battery. It charges itself once it is switched on when there is a electricity. Once the electricity is cut off, the bulb is backed by a wide voltage and comes into action and lights up the space. While Powerjack has an power of 100 lumens per watt when it is powered by power supply, it functions at a lesser lumen level that is 40 to 50% during times when there is no electricity.

Benefits from Installing Powerjack LED Bulb

A long life span of 25000 hours. This makes it extremely robust

It will take just 5-6 hours for you to fully charge

Instantly switches on, eliminating flicker

Simple to operate No maintenance is required

Energy efficient and highly energy efficient

Four hours of backup power

Cost-effective and extremely affordable

Quick installation and high voltage

Energy-efficient, cost-effective, and power-saving Energy-efficient, cost-effective, power-saving  Safe lumin LED emergency light is the ideal LED light for your home that will ensure that you are not in darkness even in power outages.

What is the duration that the light be on after the event of a power outage?

Fully filled  Safe lumin 2.0 rechargeable light bulbs can provide 3.5 minutes of uninterrupted usage or intermittent usage controlled by your wall-mounted switch (3.5 hours in total).

What do I need to know about installing an Safe lumin(tm) led bulb?

Simply replace your bulbs with E26 sockets using  Safe lumin. Rewiring or tools are not needed.

What's the significance of the Bulb?

It is a battery-operated light bulb that has a longevity of 20 years. The battery is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that has approximately 300 to 400 cycles of charging , that's approximately 3 years of service before it needs to be replaced.

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