Koti Lingeshwara Temple

Kotilingeshwara Temple is located in the village of Kammasandra in Kolar district, Karnataka, India. Kotilingeshwara Temple is Famous Shiva Temples in India.

Sri Umaparthiva Kotilingeshwara Temple Kshethram was established in Siddipet Town. The Sankalp (Idea) to construct this Kshethram was initiated by Sri Sri Sri Parama Hamsa Madanananda Swamy., Sri T. Mallaiah, Sri T. Rangaiah, Sri T. Kotaiah, Sri T. Lingaiah, and Sri. T. Rajesham sons of Late Sri Tadkamadla Veeraiah – Rangamma are working hard continuously for its multifaceted development.

Sri Sri Sri Madananada Swamy’s Pre Ashrama (earlier) name was Laxminarayana. He was born on Shravana Shudha Dashami of Shobha Kruthu (1902) Samvastaram at Tekmal (V & M) of Medak Dist. Ravi Koti Narsamma and Narahari were his parents. Shreethi Koundinyasa was his Gothram.

Since childhood Swamiji possessed Vairagya features & thinking (detachment) daily he used to do ‘Anna Danam’ (Free Feeding). He entered into “Thuriyashramam” with the blessings of Sri Madhavananda Swamy the head of Sri Sadananda Ashramam of Basava Kalyan. This ceremony was performed in Vyshakamasa of Paribhavi year. He installed several Devatha Murtis ( Idols) at Sangameshwara Temple of Koppole.

Lord Vaishnava Murthulu ordered him in a Swapna (dream) to construct and establish a temple of Parthiva (Earth) Lingams. In Kaliyuga worship of Parthiva Lingams is important and significant.

On the basis of yuga worship of Ratna (diamond) Lingam in Krutha Yuga, Swarna (Golden) Lingam in Thretha Yuga, Rasa Lingam, In Dwapara Yuga and Parthiva (Earth) Lingam in Kaliyuga is important and significant to obtain and get ‘Vishesha Phalam’ (Special Fruits of Reward). People who worship one crore lingams will be rewarded with infinite fruits of returns.

Therefore Swamiji started searching for a suitable place to establish and construct Kotilingeshwara Temple. Swamiji's devotees suggested the names of their respective villages, but Swamiji was not satisfied. At the same time, one devotee from Siddipet accidentally had Swamyjis Darshan at Koppole village. At this time unexpectedly and suddenly an idea erupted to Swamiji. He asked his devotees to write the name of the village (place) where they want a temple on a piece of paper and keep at the feet of Lord Sangameshwara Swamy. Then he ordered one devotee to pick up one piece of paper. As per the wish of Bhagavan that piece of paper contained the name of Siddipet. Swamiji bewildered and was in a state of confusion because Siddipet is an unknown place to him and there were non of his devotees and disciples.

How to build Kotilingeshwara Temple in such a place was not understandable. On the order of Lord Koppole, Sangameshwara Swamy Madanananda Swamiji arrived in Siddipet in Jyestamasa of Rakshasa Nama Samvastaram and stayed at Sharabeshwaralayam. Their devotees have made Parthiva (Earth) Lingams.

There are 12 temples and 148 idols in this Kshethram of Kotilingeshwara Temple. The broad and well built wide Mukha mandapam with 36 pillars is a special attraction to the temple.

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