Get The Perfect Planters to Give Your Home a Stunning New Appeal

Get The Perfect Planters to Give Your Home a Stunning New Appeal

It is our job to give our homes a stylish and stunning appeal. Having a home that looks great from the outside as well as the inside can help us live better, more refined lives. But one of the most common items used to beautify homes all over the world are planters. They are stylish, pretty and help to add a natural look to any home. There are various types of planters available online, and you can get them in various shapes, styles, colours and structures too. Planters online can help give your home a refined, refurbished look, something that no other decorative item can offer as well.

At Woodenstreet, you can grab some of the best planters online India. From floor planters online to wooden planters online, you can choose from a wide range of choices here, and find something suitable for your home with ease. Here are some popular choices:

Marble Planter with Tripod Metal Stand


With a black and white colour combination, this product easily stands out of the rest. It is a really stylish planter, with its string colour combination and simplistic design. The marble body gives it a unique texture that speaks sophistication and style in the same sentence. It is also a really long-lasting and high-quality piece, loved by people all over the country. If you have modern or contemporary decor at your place then this marble metal planter is the one you should go for.

King and Queen Resin Pots

planters online

There is something quirky and stylish about this product. Made with resin, this planter is brimming with vibrant shades and larger than life designs. This set is shaped like a king and queen, which can add a unique, comical element into your home. This product can also serve as a great gift to friends and peers, due to its quirkiness and colour combination. It is extremely useful for anyone who has a traditional decor at their place, and wants something to amp it up a notch.

Artificial Mini Bush With Small Purple Leaves

planters online india

With a plastic and polyester base this is a really simple but elegant piece that you can get for your home. If you want to buy planters online India that are simple but elegant, with a charm that is not found easily, then this is the product that you can go for. It is white in colour and has a monochrome effect that makes it unique. It also comes with small purple leaves, which creates a beautiful contrast with the colour of the vase. Overall, this is a really beautiful and unique product that can add a splash of elegance and beauty into your home.

Dome Shape Metal Wire Glass Tube Vase-Black

flower pots online

Made with metal and glass, this is the perfect piece for any home with a modern decor. The black and gold colour options gives this stylish and sleek new appeal, and the plain and simple bar-like design makes this a very charming product. If you don’t like over-the-top flashy pieces that can hamper the flow of decor at your home, then this is one of the best pieces that you can go for. It is simple, elegant and modern-a combination not found anywhere else.

Kashtham Hand Painted Mango Wood Succulent Holder with Three Test Tubes

plant pots online

Wooden planters have always been in demand as they are sturdy and long-lasting. This is a really unique wooden planter that is made with high-quality Mango wood, and comes with a rare and offbeat design. If you like experimenting with your decor then this is the planter that you can go for. It is stylish, charming and absolutely unique, which can make it the talk of the town whenever guests visit your place.


As there are a lot of options when it comes to planters, choosing the right one can take some time. But when you shop at Woodenstreet, you already get the best and the most stylish pieces in the market, which makes shopping for planters effortless for you.

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