Snow park in Goa

About Snow Park Adventure at Goa

Goa is a popular tourist destination for its beaches, Bungee in Goa, nightlife, casino and so on. there are 200 plus adventure activities in Goa and snow park is one of them. the temperature in Goa is mild with very little disparity. The summer seasons are at its most airless in the month of May while the winter season from the month of January and February is the coldest.

Goa has a great of lodgings, shoreline resorts, and snow parks. The temperature in Goa is temperate with a very little discrepancy. The summer seasons is at its most sweltering in may while the wintertime of January and February are coldest. there are 345 Activities to do in Goa and SNOW PARK is one of them. Among these foundations, Snow park Adventure has been uniquely made like a snow play area to engage the entire family for 365 days. The point is to play and have fun with boundless snow with an entire family in any climate conditions, particularly in places where snow is never to be found or now a day's exotic commodity.

This is Goa's first snow park which was launched a year ago in 2016. The park is spread over an area of 500 sq mts. The snow park is located at Baga beach on Tito's lane 2. it is almost the size of a large night club. Apart from the ice slide, there is a confusing maze of ice rooms and the ice-filled area which has a lot of exciting games. There are special machines generation ice and snow for the park. the most interesting thing about this machine is that it can also create artificial snowstorms for the more adventurous visitors.

Are you exhausted with old amusement ideas? Do you need something new and need to challenge physically and rationally and need fun-filled satisfactions and exhibits? if this is the case then enjoy Snow park in Goa. which is definitely fun for you. you will get a chance to feel the different snow-based adventure.

Goa has an impressive infrastructure of hotels, beach resorts, and Snow Park. The temperature in Goa is moderate with not much variation. The summer is at its hottest in May while the winter months of January and February are the coldest. There are 345 Activities to do in Goa and SNOWPARK is one of them.

Among these infrastructures, SNOW PARK has now created a design for a unique snow play center to entertain the whole family for 365 days. The aim is to introduce unlimited snow fun to the whole family in any weather conditions, especially in places where snow is an exotic or now a day's unusual commodity.

Are you bored with old recreation concepts? Do you want something new and want to challenge physically and mentally and want to full filled enjoyments and demonstrations? If so, Snow Park is for you, if you like to feel various snows based thrills. We offer a mixture of REAL SNOW in temperature with a unique concept, which contains only water and no comical are added. 50 tons of snow is used to create 5000 sq ft playing area and provide thermo hygienic wear for safety. More over the sculptures are also made by real snow.

Facilities are family oriented for all age groups. Rides can be varied, exotic and unexpected as possible. Snow play for kids and adults where you can slide on ice, play sledging car, build Snow man, igloos and snow balling areas where you can play with your family and friends. After too much fun, it is time for energy consuming. Fast food and drinks are available outside the SNOWPARK. We Also Provide drinks in Real ice Glass.

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