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Maharashtra is a state in the western peninsular region of India occupying a substantial portion of the Deccan Plateau. Maharashtra is the second-most populous state in India as well as the second-most populous country subdivision in the world. It was formed on 1 May 1960 by splitting the bilingual Bombay State, which had existed since 1956, into majority Marathi-speaking Maharashtra. The state capital is Mumbai, the most populous urban area in India. Marathi is the most widely spoken language

Placement & Recruitment Consultants In Maharashtra

The below-mentioned Placement Consultant In Maharashtra, are actively using Applicant Tracking System to work on job openings shared by companies,

Best College For Diploma Courses In Thane

AIG academy- Not really are blessed to provide a chance to seek aspects of Full-time Management classes to learn. At

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Konkan

There is a belief that you can be either a beach person or a mountain person. For those belonging to

Forts in Maharashtra: Best places for Trekking

On land and ocean, the strength of stone stands mighty over the years. The Maratha heartland is fortified by over

Bhimashankar Temple

About Bhimashankar Temple: Bhimashankar Temple is a Jyotirlinga shrine located 50 km Khed taluka, near Pune, in Maharashtra, India. It

Kailashnath Temple

About Kailashnath Temple: Kailasha or Kailashanatha temple is the largest of the rock-cut Hindu temples at the Ellora Caves. The

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