Top 8 Lakes and Ponds in Jodhpur

Rajasthan, famous for its international-renowned Thar barren region, is one of the driest and arid states of India, with a mean rainfall of round 100 cm. Still, there are plenty of water bodies within the entire state that are well-known for his or her visitor points of interest and picnic spots. Most of the lakes and ponds in Rajasthan are artificially made, displaying the significance of water conservation from historic instances.

Jodhpur, “The Blue Jewel” of Rajasthan, is located within the northern part of the nation. It has a few surprising traveler attractions both man-made in addition to natural. Today we can discuss some of the best lakes and ponds in Jodhpur. From wells to ponds to lakes, the town has a few best marvels to are seeking for around. Apart from the historic sites of Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, and Chamunda Mata Temple, Jodhpur is also domestic to some of the high-quality Lakes and Ponds to flatter your heart. Hire 20 seater tempo traveller in Jodhpur to explore jodhpur with your family.

Renowned Lakes and Ponds in Jodhpur

Balsamand Lake

It is the oldest and most beautiful lake in Jodhpur, Balsamand Lake changed into built by Balak Rao Parihar in 1159 AD to counter the water scarcity of Mandore. Later, Maharaj Sur Singh built the Balsamand Palace along the lake to spend his entertainment time close to the serene beauty of the lake. There is an exceptional lawn as properly placed near to its edges, that's well-known for its scenic beauty. You can easily find peace inside the gloom of pomegranate, mango, and guava trees.

Kaylana Lake

Just like the Balsamand, Kaylana lake is also an artificial surprise of Jodhpur. It is located approximately 8 km from the city middle. Maharaja Pratap Singh built this beauty in 1872 after the abolishment of two gardens and Palaces of Maharaja Bhim Singh and Maharaja Takhat Singh. Even today, the fulfillment of the water necessities of Jodhpur is in part structured upon it. A suitable website online for nature enthusiasts attracts tourists in massive numbers. Boat facility is likewise available right here to paddle thru the river.

Sardar Samand Lake

Considered as one of the first-rate lakes close to to Jodhpur, Sardar Samand Lake is located 60 kms far from the city. It is also home to some of the excellent birds as migratory feather beauties flock here from all around the globe. Black Buck, Chinkara, and Neelgai can without difficulty be spotted right here. Due to its scenic view and close herbal proximity, photographers from everywhere in the globe came right here to capture the pleasant moments of their lifestyles. Bird watching is one of the few activities at lake you could do. It is simply a paradise for all nature admirers.

Takhat Sagar Lake

Counted among the most important and delightful lakes of Jodhpur, Takhat Sagar is the great-desirable vicinity for all guests. This lake is called after the previous king of Jodhpur Maharaja Takhat Singh of the nineteenth century. It is famous for its fantastic view and Shri Siddhnath Shiv Temple. The temple is located within the middle of Takhat Sagar hills which became as soon as protected with wasteland from all aspects and is now the most stunning visitor area to visit.


These are two same lakes with comparable names however with distinct stories. It is placed at the rear facet of Mehrangarh Fort close to the Fateh Pole. These  lakes were constructed to reserve the water to fulfil the water requirements within the grand fortress. The consuming water has been reserved for centuries in those lakes. The Ranisar lake became made on the order of queen Jasmade Hadi, spouse of the founder of Jodhpur Rao Jodha. The Padamsar lake become created via the order of queen Padmini, daughter of Rana Sanga from Mewar. These two lakes are the perfect instance of water upkeep in historical instances.

Gulab Sagar

Situated inside the vintage vicinity of Jodhpur near the Sardar marketplace, Gulab Sagar is the outstanding lake in Jodhpur. It turned into constructed by way of Gulab Rai, the cherished of Maharaja Vijay Singh, in 1788. Previously there was a Bawri at the vicinity of Gulab Sagar. Measured at 150 x 90m, it takes 8 years to build this lake. Just like the Takhat Sagar lake, it also has a gracious temple of Kunjbihari devoted to Lord Krishna. Its old splendor can be visible even today.

Fateh Sagar

It is one of the ancient ponds in Jodhpur that is nevertheless alive. It became created within the 12 months 1778 by way of Maharaja Vijay Singh. The length of the pond is one hundred forty x 75m and gets its water from the canal related to Balsamand in addition to Kaylana lake from its southern point. There is a renowned Ramanuj Kot temple made in 1866, that belongs to the Ramanuj Cult of Vaishnavas

Shekhawat Ji Ka Talab

Constructed by using Shekhawat Antarang, the queen of Jaswant Singh, Shekhawat Ji Ka Talab is any other pond in Jodhpur that is famous for its scenic beauty. It is located a few kilometers faraway from Merti Gate and is around 5 hundred years antique. Maharaja additionally constructed a palace close to the pond for his stay for the duration of the wet season. This pond is used as the main supply of water for the people of the Palace.

These are some ponds and lakes in Jodhpur that in reality make your go to to Jodhpur worth remembering.

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