Top Beaches In Goa – Anjuna Beach For Water Sports

Anjuna Beach Known for its chilled-out party vibe and charming beaches, Goa is a popular spot for holiday and Anjuna Beach is Famous Beaches in Goa. With long stretches of shore, there are many resorts available to pick from, but not many know such natural calmness as Anjuna Beach in Goa.

Visit Anjuna beach for traditional culture, activities, and relaxation. With the hills in the background and bounded by the blue water of the Arabian Sea, Anjuna Beach in Goa is a perfect spot for beach and adventure lovers. Located just 8 kilometers away in the west of Mapusa city, Anjuna beach is beautifully dressed up with beautiful sceneries and so the beach is one of the hottest tourist spots in India. It is a complete package of tourist attractions that have a wide range of activities to offer.

Anjuna beach is popular for its stunning natural and serene beauty with coconut trees and soft white sand. The rave parties here are well known all over Goa and the world and attract foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists. The beach is next to Chapora fort. Anjuna Beach offers a pleasurable shopping experience with quality products at reasonable prices. The waters here are safe for swimming and the beach is ideal for sunbathing and relaxing which attracts a lot of international visitors at Anjuna Beach.

Anjuna beach in North Goa is an excellent choice for nature lovers, who love to enjoy full moon parties during the New Year and Christmas. Tourists rejuvenate themselves in a pleasurable time of the full moon casting a magic beauty. So, if you want to get experience the real charm of landscapes, luxury accommodation, nightlife parties, seafood, and shopping opportunities, make a plan for Anjuna Beach in Goa trip and make it your best ever holiday experience. Anjuna beach is the right spot for lazing holiday trip.

Anjuna is actually a tiny village in North Goa, on the shores of the Arabian Sea Anjuna lies 18 kilometers away from Panaji, the capital of Goa. Anjuna beach is one of the most popular Goa beaches, located between Ozran beach which is called as little Vagator beach in the South and Baga beach in the North. Anjuna beach was one of the beaches in Goa to become famous first. This beach is now a favorite spot for many international visitors. However, Anjuna beach is famous for its national visitors too. Anjuna beach is famous with backpackers from Europe, and long-stayers. Visitors come to Anjuna beach to watch a beautiful sunset as well.

Anjuna beach is a different beach than the other beaches in North Goa. Anjuna beach is the least sandy. Some stretches of the beach are even rocky. There are many scenic red laterite rocks there, this is the reason it is sometimes called the Rocky Beach. The red-colored laterite rocks are the real jewels of Anjuna beach, giving the landscape its different feature. A must visit Wednesday flea market at Anjuna beach is the biggest and most famous in Goa. You will find many shacks, bars, restaurants, pubs, cafes, hotels, resorts, guest houses, and villas. The rates of all hotels and resorts differ from budget to luxury ones. You can pick from a large number of places to stay and enjoy your Goa trip. There is a heady beach party scene there, in the peak tourist season. There are many nightclubs too. Anjuna beach is known for its rave parties and trance parties.

Some of the thrilling sports in Goa are scuba diving, parasailing, trekking, water skiing, jet skiing, bungee jumping in Goa, speed boating and many more. Bungee jumping has already taken baby steps in Goa and is a comparatively new activity. Bungee jumping is exciting as well as amazing. There is no special time to enjoy this thrilling activity, you can play out this game whenever in Goa and in every season. Planning a Goa trip, do try your first bungee jumping. Goa is the best place for Bungee Jumping in India.

Things to explore on Anjuna Beach

If you love to play on the beach and swim in the sea waters, Anjuna beach in North Goa would be your perfect spot for holidays. There are some adventure activities in Goa and water sports activities that are awfully adored by adventure lovers.

Adventure Sports

If you are an adventure freak and want to get experience adventurous activities, then Anjuna beach is the perfect place for you. All kinds of water sports like windsurfing, scuba diving in Goa, parasailing, snorkeling are available to add extra joy while holidaying. You will get different ranges of adventure activities that are mostly done in Goa

Water Sports On Anjuna Beach

Goa is an adventure in itself but it is the water sports in Goa that provide the majority of the fun. Even if you are not an adventure seeker, get ready to experience an ultimate adrenaline rush. The land of ‘Sun, Sand, and Sea’ offers a range of thrilling water sports. There are adventures throughout the year and some are season specific.

Scuba Diving In Goa
Water Sports In Goa
Jet skiing In Goa
Speed boats In Goa
Snorkeling In Goa
Banana tube boat ride In Goa
Knee-and-Wake boarding
Kayaking In Goa
River Rafting
Dinghy Sailing
Other Activities

Anjuna beach dazzles a large number of tourists due to its charming beauty and scenic view. You can visit and explore the natural beauty of the splendid Albuquerque Mansion, the Mascarenhas Mansion, the Chapora Fort, etc. You can also entertain yourself with other activities like shopping, photography, kayaking and many more. If you are with your family or friends, you must have tiptoe in the glazing of the Arabian Sea. You can also go swimming and sunbathing, which will give you a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Bungee jumping in Goa is a bit unsafe but it is an adventurous activity in which individuals bounce from higher ground. Bungee jumping does not need a lot of your physical vigor but it will clearly need a considerable measure of mental mettle.

Wednesday Flea Market

Wednesday Flea Market is situated on the way to the Anjuna beach, which captivates a huge number of tourists to crowd this place every Wednesday. While going in the market, you will get a large collection ranging from imported electronic gadgets to other man-made objects. Things like snacks, different jewelry, and handicrafts, artificial ornament carvings, cassettes of Goan music, colorful garments, etc. are available in the market. If you are an expert in bargaining things while buying, you will definitely get excellent deals and offers in the market.

The Nightlife of Anjuna Beac

Anjuna, the destination to burst parties brings dance & music. The nightlife in Anjuna beach includes full moon parties, cultural delights and bizarre fire shows that are worth to explore all of them. During Christmas and New Year Eve, the DJ system is arranged along with the strip, where you can have drinks, dining, dancing, favorite music and exciting nightlife spots in Anjuna beach. During the day, Anjuna beach is a laid-back spot with tourists seen relaxing and sunbathing on the beach. But it comes to life at night, with the party scene hotting up. At Anjuna beach, you will see both outdoor and indoor parties. Between the months of November to February, then you can almost every night. All these bring a complete fun Goa tour package after the sunset.

Best Time to Visit

Anjuna beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa, so throughout the year, you will get tourists there. Most of the tourists come here between the winter months, November to February. This is the best time to visit Goa. Whether it is parties or Adventurous Watersports or Scuba Diving in Goa, Most of the shacks will be closed at other times, and you won’t find water sports as well. Expect more people in the month of December and January. November or February is better for those who don’t want a crowd.

Fun facts of Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach is a rocky beach, and also narrow in some places. The southern part of the beach consists of golden sand. Anjuna beach is one of the first Goa beaches to get international fame. Baga beach is 6.9 kilometers away from Anjuna beach. Anjuna beach is close to other popular beaches of North Goa. Anjuna beach is known for trance parties as well as rave parties, full-moon parties in the peak season. Every Wednesday, the biggest and most popular flea market in Goa is held there.

How To Reach Anjuna Beach

India’s West Coast paradise, Goa, is home to some glorious beaches of India. One of them is known as the Anjuna Beach. From a quiet family vacation to an adventure-filled weekend with your squad, the beach caters to people with different travel tastes and budgets.  Famed for its Goan influences, trendy nightclubs, beachside hotels and resorts, Anjuna beach is a glamorous paradise within Goa.

Stretched over the golden coastline, the southern and northern end of Anjuna beach offers a plethora of activities. While the southern end consists of a rocky headland, the northern end host water sports like bungee jumping, bumpy banana ride, and much more. Anjuna beach is Goa’s local “multidimensional entertainment hub.

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