Do you Know Why the Hindu cow is called a mother ?

In today's world, many people have started studying in English and have started to think of themselves as scholars and think completely in foreign mentality. People studying in English and foreigners havean objection to this thing why the Hindu cow is called a mother.  People get in their minds why any other animal was not made as a mother or why doesn’t have any other animal this kind of respects . after doing hard research we found that it has a deep connection with Indian society, from the ancient culture of India. And many such facts came out that were left wondering in knowledge. Perhaps you are also happy to know and be proud of all of your Indian society, so we decided to tell this thing to all Indians, reading this will change the opinion of your cow and it will be more than just being an animal, in your eyes Believe it.

Firstly, there are some scientific facts about the cow in which scientists from around the world and the Gayatri family in India, Haridwar and Arya Samaj, and many foreign and indigenous scientists have discovered.

  • Cow's cow urine consists of 24 elements, which is possible to treat all types of diseases. Now a day’s Patanjali is selling lots of products produced by cow urine.
  • Radiation does not affect the house cow's dung and avoids the risk of cancer.
  • There is a current of 1.4 amperes in the cow urine of the cow so that you can make electricity by using the right way or burn the bulb.
  • Methane emitted from cow dung can be used as electricity and can also be used for filling cow's gas in cylinders.
  • By using cow dung, the best organic compost can be made for free so that we can avoid the use of toxic chemicals and get safe food and remain healthy.
  • Very good pesticides can be made from free cow's cow urine, which will prevent you from using toxic insecticides, which makes the crop poisonous.
  • The cow has a wonderful ability to treat many diseases in cow urine, it has been scientifically proven and treated in many places in India.
  • If the juice of cow dung is given to a woman whose child is about to be born then the child can be without operation.
  • Consumption of pure urine of Nandi can be a child to sterile women; Many of these experiments are going on in the country.
  • Bones are strengthened by the consumption of cow's milk. Ghee consumption of indigenous cows is beneficial in piles, etc.
  • By oxen, you can cultivate the solution which will save the cost of tractor and petrol diesel of poor farmers and also protect natural resources.

Now the most important thing is that there is something special in every country or every land which is called the specialty of that land. Just like in-country ice is ice, there is some oil, some diamonds, gold, etc., so some stones and fertilizer land of our farm here. On the basis of these specialties, that country becomes self-reliant or say that its economy runs. Today we all know that India has been backward in many things and in whatever things we used to be the pioneer in the world of saris, we are ending up and trying to become the leader by imitating the rest of the world. While we do not have the same natural resources here. you can also read

I explain in simple language. There was a time when India was a gold bird when we used to run more than 30 percent of the business in the whole world, I tried to know what was it that at that time we came to know that at that time we were an agricultural nation. For a country or person to live anything, three things are needed, roti, cloth, and house. The house could all be made of stone and natural things, now it was difficult to wear ethical clothes, then they used to either get the animals' skin or other natural things, but the most essential thing was food or grain without which humans can not survive and Fertiliser should be land to grow the grain and the land was given to India by nature because we get sunlight for 12 months and we are surrounded by sea on three sides.

Are  That's why the worker is very kind to us and we chose agriculture and used it for several years on many animals like horses, elephants, other animals, but finally, all these conclusions reached the best creature, if any. That is cow or cow dung because its cow urine can be used as a pesticide and can be used in the form of dung manure and oxen, and making good and extracting oil Switch to can also be used to steer and all were natural such as were the full resources and be above exploiting today like petrol, diesel, electricity waste were not required to Prkrthy and read to destroy resources  

At the same time, the cow used to eat the remaining portion of the crop from which the wheat would be grown, the top will eat the man and the remaining Khali cows, sugarcane juice will get out and we will drink or make good and the remaining oxygen of the beautiful animal resources. And the cow used to give milk, buttermilk, butter, lassi, and milk to give the farmers and their children so that they did not weaken. The same farmer used to cultivate cotton by making cotton yarn and making clothes and told Jassa that the house was made of other means because as today it used to do not like cement, clay, brick, machine, paper, etc.

Its own organic cereal, fruit vegetable itself, and we used to make our own clothes. Now apart from the cultivation, our children or youth will find new ones They used to do the same as the Vedas, Upanishads, Ayurveda, etc. Do you know the Best astrologer in India? It has complex rules of knowledge that still do not understand people today, there is a burden on the children. After studying, then in the foreign company of the job, they had to cultivate only then the subject of society, In the same way, unity in the society was a brotherhood and love, as it was today, there was no tension, nor did anybody commit suicide. And today's science has also proved that no one can do the same which can be fully realized on it, and there is no pressure on anything else; therefore, all the people of India were big scientist, many kings.

There were also scientist like Harshvardhan, Raja Ravi Varma was also a painter and musician. In this way, we used to produce so much more than our consumption of grains, clothes, scientific items like boats, tools etc. And then we used to sell it to Sari world.  This was why our business was so advanced and in return, Gold coins came from which every house in India was filled up, we have been doing this work for almost 500 years, think of how prosperous we might be, for this reason, the British, Portuguese Minister, the French, Mughal, Turkish, Arab, etc.

All came to rob the country and say we made decent India or India was very poor and pity even take things value of our educated fool his writings  The root cause of India's prosperity was that all were born from agriculture, hence it is called the Primary Area and the farming was the cow, because due to which the solution was followed, due to which it was composted, due to which the pesticide and the same.

The farmer was powerful by milk and ghee. Just as a mother (Indian mother) gives us milk in childhood and when she grows up, she stomachs food and she does not feel bad for her son, she always quietly suffers, perhaps that is why she has been called a mother and even in the scriptures In the same way, the cow gives us milk all the time and all the grains and cultivars in India are dependent on it i.e. that used to feed all the Indians and feed them Two eat poorly, never question anyone, why are we cutting off even today, that is why Indians gave this compassionate Gautama as mother. It is a pity that some people living in India like Obese insult cow mother and make fun of this thing and say that we would like Gumas very good to eat, it is a matter of shame that even their ancestors Sometimes this malicious cow will not be about cow because it also understands cow's importance in India's prosperity.

After the British came to India, it was understood that the cause of India's prosperity was that of cow, that's why the Queen of Britain had ordered that the cow be cut, because if it survives, then Indians will always be rich and rich people are never slaves. Therefore, he opened cow slaughtering slaughterhouse and used to put Muslims in the slaughterhouses to fight against Hindu Muslims and asked them to forcibly cut cow while they were Started by the British in Ghl empire was stopped cow cutting has slowly begun to be finished cow and India's farmers over our economy at the same time weakened.

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