4 Pooja Essentials which are a necessary part of any Hindu rituals

Hindu pantheons rely heavily on various rituals widely among individuals, denominations, castes, communities, villages, and regions. What makes Hindu rituals special is that this religion connects Hindus scattered around the world, surprisingly connecting them to a single entity and even affecting other major religions. It is to provide many similar features that give.

Each puja and ritual have its meaning. And marriage is a ritual, a prayer to God, and a blessing of God seeking to start living together again. So, get married, take Sath Pheras around the fire, or follow "Sindoor Dan," "Kanyadan," "Bidai," and "Dulhan Grih Pravesh." Each subsequent ritual has its power to fill the environment with spiritual energy and bring joy to your life.

In addition to the pujas performed and the various rituals, the pooja essentials have their meanings and similarities. Therefore, complete Marriage Vidhi Essentials includes several elements.

Marriage rituals start before so many days of marriage, and various pooja essential taken in use in it, which have their significance. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the pooja essentials for marriage available on our website, and you can shop them from here.

1. Lagan Patrika

A written vow to mention Lagan is made and is a formal invitation between the two families. Lagan Patrika plays an important role in inviting your loved ones to bless the newlyweds' new life.

When the bride and groom promise in writing that the wedding will take place later, the couple participates in Lagan Patrika. The dates and times suggested at this ceremony are usually printed on the invitation. In addition, Pandit (Hindu monk) often writes down marriage details with a red pen, such as the name of the engaged couple, their family, and the scheduled date and time of the wedding. Together, Wagdaan and Lagna Patrika are considered formal announcements of the wedding. It usually happens after a few months.

On our website, you'll get the lagan Patrika as a pooja essential for marriage.

2. Shubh-Labh Design

Shubh-labh designs also called Maha Yantra, is a combination of Shree Ganesh Yantra and the Goddess Lakshmi Yantra. This yantra brings siddhi and wealth and is optimistic for pooja. They are usually provided in the form of foot, swastikas, or the words "Shubh," "Labh," and are placed in front of the door at home.

We have Shubh Labh hanging wall hanging designs for you in pooja essentials. Beautiful wall hanging Shubh Labh is a religious term used primarily in Indian homes, shops, office entrances, or Pooja gal. These wall-mounted exhibits are great religious home decorations. It serves as a great gift, especially around religious celebrations and festivals; Crystal's work makes it more beautiful. It is a very beautiful and ethnic craft to add an ethnic taste to your home for poojas.

Shubh Labh design is a traditional sign that warmly welcomes all visitors beyond the threshold of your home. These all shubh labh designs mean luck and auspiciousness. Specifically, these things show goodness and luck. Shubh labh stickers are put at the entrance of all Indian doors. People take in use for Diwali decorations and wedding celebrations, or useful for vast occasions.

  • Kalash
  • Wall hanging for home decoration for Diwali, festivals, or marriage
  • Embellished colorful studded stone

3. Decorative aarti thali

Awesome Pooja Thali set are beautifully carved art forms available in large quantities from the Lovely. There are also two very beautifully handcrafted Chandi ki Katori available; the most beautiful thing about this set is its plate. The plate is made of high-quality steel with side cuts and design.

The central part of the slab contains all the sacred symbols created. On this decorative aarti thali, the symbols "Ohm," "Shree," "Enlightened Diya," "Swastika" is engraved, and even an incense holder, the mango leaf Kalash, gives this Pooja Thali set a different look. Panchmukhi Diya, Incense Holder, and Puja Bell are some of the beautiful added to this set. It is a very good-looking, affordable item and can be purchased by anyone who knows the value of the Hindu sacred symbol.

So buy this thali set and make yourself healthier and richer as God blesses those who pray for him from the bottom of his heart.

4. Decorative Coconut

Wedding Nariyal is also kept in pooja or used at weddings, festivals, new cars, bridges, and homes. Then, coconut is broken and placed in front of the Lord. Since then, coconut has been a symbol of victims. Therefore, in every auspicious business or ceremonial, people offer coconut at the lotus feet of God.

"Nariyal" or coconut signifies a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Indian culture. The bride gives Naryal to the groom, which is very important at the wedding. Buy Shagun Decorative Nariyal embellished with colorful designs, beads, and threads.

Coconut is called Shripala or "Fruit of God" in Sanskrit. Coconut is the only fruit used to symbolize "God." In Hinduism, coconut is one of the most common offerings in temples. And it also plays an important role in all denominations. Coconut is the fruit of Satvic, sacred, pure, and healthy, with various properties. When someone purchases a new car or new home, this Nariyal is also offered.

Also, people offer it in the fire as a sacrifice while doing Havan. Then, Nariyal is broken and placed before God, and after doing rituals, it is distributed as Prasada. You can keep decorative coconut in poojas or in your mandir at home.

At our website, Lovely Wedding Mall, you'll get all the pooja essentials for marriage, poojas, festivals, and many other events. Perfectly shaped nto get the essence of spirituality, these shubh labh wall hangings, embellished Nariyal, decorated thali set, Lagan Patrika. From several sizes and designs to choose from, Lovely Wedding Mall brings auspiciousness in the form of these essentials.

It is a one-stop shopping destination for weddings, occasions, poojas, home decor, etc. for all pooja essentials.

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