Top 20 Famous Places to Visit in Patna

Top 20 Best Places to Visit Patna, Bihar

The Ancient metropolis of Patna turned into referred to as Pataliputra all through the Maurya period and changed into the capital of the Magadha Empire. Today Patna is the capital and biggest metropolis of Bihar nation and located at the southern financial institution of the Ganges River and domestic to many traveller sights along side pilgrim centers of Buddhist, Hindu, Sikhs, Islam, and Jain.

There are many places to go to in Patna, Vaishali, Rajgir, Nalanda, Bodh Gaya, and Pawapuri are close by traveler attractions of Patna City, different traveller appeal within the Ancient town of Patna includes.

A standout amongst the maximum vital recorded city regions of India, Patna is a buzzing city with thousands of attractions. Spots to visit in Patna are changed in nature and consider each kind of voyagers.

Patna functions of pastimes are both chronicled and feature a legacy incentive to it. The capital of Bihar, Patna is located at the south financial institution of the Ganges and is a fascination for the ones stimulated by way of knowledge the ethos of Bihar.

Patna consolidated the antique world with the brand new to make the absolute great social exposures in India. Spots to go to in Patna have leftovers of the old world, ordinary remarkable traits, and the sky's the restrict from there.
Top 20 Best Places to go to in Panta

Gol Ghar

Originally built as a granary to be used as a storehouse, Gol Ghar looks like a beehive from a distance. A big shape in itself, it become built by using Captain John Garstin for the British army in 1786.

This flow was propelled through the severe famine of 1770 that did a number of harm. It is 105 feet tall and offers a beautiful view of the complete city together with the River Ganges.

The walls are about 3.6 meters thick which makes it a stable creation. There are two stairways with 141 steps winding around the dome shape of the granary by means of which you can still reach the top to revel in the town view.

This vintage granary is now converted right into a recreational space in conjunction with a lawn in area. The Gol Ghar has an exciting minutiae to it – it has in no way been able to fill to its surest capacity. A design flaw within the production of the doors brought about the situation wherein it was impossible to fill it to its potential.

Mahavir Mandir

Mahavir Mandir, which is also referred to as Hanuman Mandir, is quite well-known amongst many site visitors and within the non secular way of life of Bihar. It became as soon as a nondescript little structure and received reputation with incoming Hindu refugees following the partition of India inside the forties.

The gift structure became erected in 1987 with a distinct modernist take on conventional motifs. Architecture, however, isn't always the measure of its greatness as an awful lot because the devotion it draws. Winding queues of trustworthy on Saturdays and Tuesdays, the worshiping days of Lord Hanuman, are a sight not really worth lacking.

Nalanda University

For an immersion in Bihar’s glorious past, head to the ruins of the ancient college of Nalanda. Monumental red brick partitions and stupas proudly stand on the web page of what became the longest running university in Indian records.

In 450C, it become set up by way of Buddhist clergymen and might accommodate over 10,000 students. Today simplest continue to be is 14 hectares of place with plenty of the distance to thrill the beautiful environment.

80 kilometers from Patna metropolis and without problems available by bus, there are few higher methods to spend an adventurous day trip.

Patna Museum

Purposely constructed in 1917 by way of the British following an eclectic fashion incorporating elements from Mughal and Rajput structure, Patna Museum homes a collection of over 20,000 historical and archaeological artifacts observed in the location of the metropolis.

The grand constructing is really worth a go to in its personal proper. The actual treasures of the gathering, but, encompass a fossil of a tree stated so far greater than 200 million years, a casket excavated from the Stupa of Vaishali allegedly containing the ashes of Gautama Buddha, and the museum’s maximum prized artifact: the lifestyles-length DidarganjYakshi statue (300 BCE), one of the world’s finest examples of Mauryan artwork.

Kumhrar Park

Kumhrar Park is a records lover’s den and bears immense significance within the evolution of Patna. It is the dwelling instance of the cultural brilliance of ancient Patna or Pataliputra.

Located five kilometers far from the principle town, this region gives an thrilling and enriching perception into the rich records of the exquisite Mauryan civilization.
Kumhrar cradles the archaeological remains of the Mauryan period within the shape of a palace that consists of a hypostyle eighty pillared hall. The excavation findings at Kumhrar throws mild on the historic capital of Ajatshatru, Ashoka, and Chandragupta and also together exhibit the wealthy collection of relics from 4 consecutive intervals from six hundred BC to 600 CE

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan

First settled as a professional flowerbed in 1969, this maximum outstanding of green territories among Patna occupants consolidate huge open areas containing in extra of 300 kinds of trees, herbs, and bushes, and one of the country’s largest zoos.

Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udan is a great location to gather for picnics, or essentially to go out for a stroll via indoor orchid houses and rose patio nurseries.
The Zoo is somewhat extensive and in particular nicely continued, highlighting in extra of 800 creatures from somewhere within the variety of one hundred species, including hippos, tigers, Himalayan bears and uncommon reproducing units of Indian Rhinos.

Buddha Smriti Park

The Buddha Smriti Park, otherwise called the Buddha Memorial Park is a tribute to the incomparable Lord Buddha via the legislature of Bihar.

The pastime center is developed precisely in which once the verifiable Bankipur Central Jail stood. Sprawling over a area of nine hectares, this stop is a marvel to look.

The exercise center homes numerous points of interest among which the 200 toes tall Stupa raised cushty focal factor of it's far the factor of convergence of the Buddha Smriti Park.

The large shape is a element of reverence that is worked of sandblasted charcoal and has an high-quality impenetrable chamber inner.

Jain Temple of Pawapuri

In spite of being one of the most hooked up of the antiquated Indian religions, Jainism remains included in loss of clarity to severa visitors.

Pawapuri, or the precise city, is a noteworthy journey spot for Jains from everywhere throughout the kingdom. Here, they believe all transgressions are cleared. Ruler Mahavira, originator of Jainism, inhaled his remaining at this area round 500BCE.

A remarkable marble sanctuary, the Jalmandir, turned into later labored at the point of interest of an expansive water body.

Chhoti Dargah

30km west of Patna downtown region, inside the environs of Maner, sits Chhoti Dargah, one of the satisfactory and slightest acknowledged Mughal catacombs of Eastern India.

It is a great 3-tale domed structure with 4 twelve-sided minarets in its flanks. Its dividers are adorned with many-sided structures and entries from the Koran are engraved at the roof.

The tomb was raised in 1616 out of appreciation for Sufi Muslim holy man or woman Makhdoom Shah Daulat who turned into included at the come across some years in advance. Summers see the expansive waterway earlier than the constructing transform into neighborhood youngsters’ maximum cherished swimming showers.

Gandhi Ghat

The means using down to the Ganges, close to the little ship terminal, is an extremely good spot from which to take in the serene rhythms of the waterway and watch a bona fide cut of Indian reality.

Couples hang around right here sporadically, children play and shower and inside the occasion which you look dubiously like a traveller, you’ll be provided a quick vessel ride subsequent to arranging the cost.

On Saturday and Sunday night times at around 18.00, swarms rush right here to look at Hindu ministers hung in saffron gowns play out the Aarti custom, an providing of light and fire to the gods joined via tunes of acclaim.
Patan Devi temple, Patna
Patna devi temple is one of the most historic and sacred temples of all temples of Patna, Bihar. It is known as as Mata Patneshwari. This temple is one of the fifty one Siddha ShaktiPithas. It is situated within the capital of Bihar, Patna.

Agam Kuan

Agam Kuan, otherwise called the ‘Incredible Well’ is an antiquated properly that has high-quality archeological and recorded importance in Patna.

Round suit as a fiddle, the higher 13 meters of the nicely is constant with blocks whilst the relaxation of the nineteen meters incorporates wood rings. This website online is secured by using the Archaeological Survey of India.

The nicely had numerous legends associated with it and turned into worked amid the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka’s rule. It is said that the Agam Kuan changed into a piece of King Ashoka’s council of damnation in which convicts were tormented alive in the fireplace radiated from the well. Indeed, King Ashoka had suffocated his ninety nine siblings in this nicely to get the placement of authority of the Mauryan Empire.

Srikrishna Science Center

Named after the primary Chief Minister of Bihar, Srikrishna Science Center is a stunning spot to realize the standards of technological know-how thru all the way down to earth exhibitions.

The instructive center factor holds some thing for all age, but, it is maximum well-known among youngsters. Get excited at the simple minute you input the technological know-how cognizance as you get the threat to listen the echoes of the recommendations of dinosaurs.

The two-storied constructing additionally houses a sundial at the passageway. Each stage is dedicated to an exchange subject this is related to science. The predominant ground has the ‘Fun Science Gallery’ that reveals logical hardware.

It covers an extensive style of topics incorporating human development, particular logical requirements alongside the distinct parts of marine life.

Sun Temple

Saturated with folklore, the mystical Sun Temple is stated to have its underlying foundations settled inside the Treta Yuga.

Notwithstanding, numerous archaeological bits of evidence shows that the sanctuary was worked within the 8th century. Worked in Nagar fashion, the thoughts-blowing design of the sanctuary grabs the attention of visitors.

Committed to the Sun God, there are 3 statues of the Lord that talk to morning, nighttime and night. There are numerous legends related to this region of the adventure.

The Sun Temple is one of the uncommon hallowed locations that remain with its returned to the rising solar. Nearby legends discover that the sanctuary was initially assembled confronting the east aspect but at the requests of the minister, the passage become swung in the direction of the west who needed to spare the sanctuary from intruders.
Saturated with folklore, the mystical Sun Temple is stated to have its underlying foundations settled inside the Treta Yuga.

Notwithstanding, numerous archaeological bits of evidence indicates that the sanctuary become labored in the 8th century. Worked in Nagar style, the thoughts-blowing layout of the sanctuary grabs the eye of visitors.

Committed to the Sun God, there are three statues of the Lord that communicate to morning, evening and night. There are numerous legends associated with this region of the journey.

The Sun Temple is one of the uncommon hallowed places that stay with its back to the growing solar. Nearby legends find that the sanctuary was first of all assembled confronting the east aspect yet at the requests of the minister, the passage become swung towards the west who had to spare the sanctuary from intruders.
Saturated with folklore, the magical Sun Temple is said to have its underlying foundations settled inside the Treta Yuga.

Notwithstanding, numerous archaeological bits of proof indicates that the sanctuary become worked within the eighth century. Worked in Nagar fashion, the thoughts-blowing layout of the sanctuary grabs the eye of guests.

Committed to the Sun God, there are 3 statues of the Lord that speak to morning, night and night. There are numerous legends associated with this location of the journey.

The Sun Temple is one of the unusual hallowed places that continue to be with its returned to the growing solar. Nearby legends discover that the sanctuary changed into to start with assembled confronting the east side but at the requests of the minister, the passage became swung in the direction of the west who had to spare the sanctuary from intruders.

Kamaldah Jain Temple

The antiquated Jain sanctuary is organized close Gulzarbagh railroad station and the most established Jain complex in Patna. Kamaldah Jain Temple complicated has been highlighted inside the BBC narrative on India the Story of India through Michael Wood.

Funtasia Water Park

Funtasia Water Park is the first water stop in Bihar country, An diversion and water forestall located in Patna on the New Bypass road. Funtasia Island Water stop attractions contain Waterslides, Wave pool, Swimming pools and area to examine La tomatinaHoli party in India.

Pathar Ki Masjid

Pathar Ki Masjid likewise prominently referred to as Saif Khan’s Mosque is a very famous Mosque most of the close by Islamic humans organization and is the most established mosque of the city of Patna.

The Masjid is located at the financial institution of move Ganges near the Takht

Shri Harmandir.

Ganges River Cruise

Patna is a town which houses severa settings and attractions of religious and noteworthy essentialness. To investigate this metropolis in a daring manner, an excellent direction is to take the Ganges River Cruise.

It is a voyage of a lifetime, which offers you a risk to get on a riverboat and takes you to higher locations over the metropolis, all of so one can have an impact on you to find any other side of Patna.

It is a to a notable diploma tranquil inclination to cruise on the journey inside the center of an never-ending mass of water with the blue sky overlaying you from all facets. The adventure can also extend for upwards of seven days and is sorted out by way of severa directors in the town.

It is a standout amongst different methods to cover the higher locations of the town, which commonly might be ignored.

Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji

Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji in any other case referred to as Patna Saheb is a conspicuous holiday vacation spot in Patna. A sacrosanct area for Sikhs anywhere all through the globe, Patna Saheb changed into worked by means of Maharaja Ranjit Singh from 1837 to 1839.

This place of worship is dedicated to Guru Gobind Singh ji, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs who had been conceived in Patna in 1666. A standout among the maximum tremendous figures in Indian records, Guru Gobind Singh has a background that may make each person sense unobtrusive.

The gurdwara faced a tremendous seismic tremor in 1934 so new tendencies began in 1954. This gurdwara is domestic to numerous sacred Sikh sacred writings. The hallowed area is surprisingly tremendous to take a gander at and you may sense the intensity of individuals’ confidence the minute you enter it.

Patna Planetarium(Taramandal)

Patna Planetarium also called Indira Gandhi Planetarium due to the fact that it is situated in Indira Gandhi technology complex, Patna. It is commonly referred to as and famous in call of Patna Taramandal. Patna planetarium become a challenge started out by using Bihari council on technology and generation at a total cost of 11 crores this is a gift via the Bihar leader minister Shri Satyendra Narayan Sinha who conceptualized it in 1989 with its production starting in the identical right here it changed into opened for the general public visit on 1st of April 1993.

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