7 Reasons Why Dubai Desert Safari Should Be On Your Bucket List

A trip to the city of Dubai is not complete unless you have participated in a desert safari, the Dubai Desert Safari. But why? Is it worth visiting the desolate desert, which does not even have WIFI, given that Dubai has constructed such a futuristic world for itself that you realize you cannot complete exploring it? That’s correct. This article will explain why a Desert safari must be on your to-do list.

How To Book A Desert Safari Tour?

When making reservations for your desert safari, you must choose a tour operator that has a solid reputation and can be relied on. Suppose you did a fast search on Google to see what your alternatives are. In that case, you probably already know that over a hundred different companies sell packages that are pretty similar to one another. After doing significant research and reading what seemed like a million different testimonials, we found the best booking site for your Desert Safari tour. BookMyTour is the most practical choice that offers your outstanding packages and offers.

Enjoy the best Desert Safari Tour packages offered by BookMyTour to make your experience memorable. So, without wasting any further time, Give us a call.

1. Desert Safari Will Take Your Breath Away.

The desert terrain of Dubai is ideal for expressing your creativity since it is essentially a blank canvas. Numerous amateur photographers use the area’s blazing sunsets and undulating dunes to create stunning photos on par with desktop screensavers in terms of beauty. After the scorching sun has struck the sand and produced a red color similar to Mars’ surface, you can even have the impression that you are on another planet. When the clouds clear away at night, revealing a starry sky, the beauty of the desert is enhanced even more.

2. It Offers A Variety Of Exciting Activities.

The giant desert is your playground, and there are so many things to do there that you will have an experience you won’t forget. Dune bashing is an exhilarating test of balance that involves driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle up and down a series of high dunes. To participate, you will need to rent a 4x4 vehicle; then, the next thing on the agenda is sandboarding, an activity that challenges your balance as you slide down a steep slope of sand. You may fall or roll; a video of either will make for a hilarious Christmas clip; also, there are a variety of optional activities, such as camel riding, equestrian riding, and quad biking.

3. Enjoy The Rich Arabian Art And Culture.

As soon as it darkens, you will be taken to a Bedouin tent where you will be served food, given a show, and will find Arabian culture in this region to be dramatic, vibrant, and hypnotizing, much as it was when it was practiced in the region hundreds of years ago. Watch as skilled young men twirl their skirts in a traditional dance called Tanoura, belly dancers enter the stage with their snake-like hips, and locals demonstrate their fire command by breathing flames and performing fire-breathing acts. While there, you can also get a tattoo made with henna and a reddish-brown ink used to design temporary tattoos on the skin.

4. Experience Camel Safari.

It is impossible to get a proper desert experience without spending some time in the company of camels; for this reason, taking a camel ride is one of the reasons to go to Dubai and enjoy the Dubai Desert Safari. Most tour packages for the desert safari in Dubai include a camel ride as part of the schedule. This provides you with a wealth of opportunities to see the enigmatic beauty of these magnificent beasts up close and personal while on your desert safari. In addition, the trip will provide you with some of the most beautiful sand panoramas and sceneries you will view on your Dubai desert safari.

5. Enjoy An Unlimited Bbq Dinner Buffet.

Enjoy the evening desert safari with bbq dinner Spice and meat, two essential elements of Arabian cuisine, both of which can be found in abundant supply at the supper buffet with a desert safari. While a cultural performance is being put on for you to see, we have prepared plates piled high with fresh fruits that have been cut up into bite-sized pieces for you to snack on. After a day of adventuring and having fun in the sun, this Arabian-themed feast is the ideal way to end the day. Finish off your heavy desert safari with bbq dinner with a cup of traditional Arabian coffee and some sweets, or go for shisha to help calm your stomach after eating so much.

6. Spot Rare Wildlife.

The wildlife enthusiasts and explorers who went on the desert safari reported seeing rare terrestrial species is one of the reasons to go to Dubai. When you go on safari as a tourist, you will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of animals, each of which has its unique characteristics and is just as intriguing as the environment around them. Inhabitants of safari include the Arabian oryx, falcons, owls, and a wide variety of species of birds. The Desert Safari is an important place for wildlife conservation since it serves as a legitimate habitat for the region’s scarce fauna.

7. It’s The Ideal Camping Destination.

People are also drawn to the thrill of setting up camp in a place where nomads inhabit, and distinctive Arabian camps built in the manner of Bedouins evoke a sense of the past. These Bedouin camps are decked out with opulent and comfortable cushions and drapes, as well as a sitting arrangement that is up to the standard for the visitors, where they come to rest after the exhilarating adventures of the whole day. You will discover the full range of comforts and conveniences customary of Arabian-style living here. If you want to get even more out of the benefits of being in the desert, a vacation that lasts for at least one night is a wise choice; when the night is still young, many stars are counting after a camping trip!

Can’t find the best site to book your desert safari tour? Here is BookMyTour to provide you with ultimate fun at a reasonable price. So give us a call today!
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