Cardiologist Doctors In Bareilly

Cardiologist Doctors In Bareilly

Bareilly, a vibrant city in Uttar Pradesh, is home to a growing community of healthcare professionals dedicated to ensuring the well-being of its residents. Among the specialists who play a crucial role in safeguarding the health of the community are Cardiologists. These highly trained doctors specialize in diagnosing and treating heart-related conditions, making them essential guardians of cardiovascular health.

Cardiologists in Bareilly are medical professionals with specialized knowledge in the intricacies of the cardiovascular system. They possess the expertise to diagnose and manage a wide range of heart conditions, including coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, and congenital heart defects. Additionally, they play a vital role in preventive care, offering guidance on lifestyle modifications and risk factor management to promote heart health.

The city boasts modern medical facilities equipped with advanced technology to aid cardiologists in their diagnostic and treatment endeavors. These facilities often include state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization labs, echocardiography machines, and other cutting-edge equipment that enable accurate and timely assessments of heart health.Bareilly is fortunate to have a dedicated cadre of cardiologists who contribute significantly to the city's healthcare landscape. Driven by a commitment to excellence, these specialists are known for their compassion, expertise, and a patient-centric approach.

Top 10 Cardiologist Doctors In Bareilly

1. Sri Ram Murti Smarak

Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the top Hospital in Bareilly which has most modern 950 bed, centrally air-conditioned, Multi Super Speciality, Tertiary Care and a Trauma Hospital established on 4th July’ 2002. The Hospital has 600 teaching beds for teaching and training of students pursuing their MBBS Programme. The treatment of the patients on these beds is done free of cost.

The Hospital is well equipped with facilities to provide quality teaching & training to the students in various departments. Students during their clinical training are exposed to variety of patients so as to make them competents in the field of medicine. During their training students are also exposed to behavioural & managerial skills required in todays world for becoming a complete medical practitioner.

The institute when established and till date is the only medical center with widest range of medical specialities providing quality medical care in the region under one roof. Since inception the vision of the institute has been to provide world class medical facilities to the patients requiring clinical and diagnostic support. The institute has well established and full strength Pre Clinical, Para Clinical and Clinical departments having experienced and qualified doctors and staff.

In addition to lthese departments of Radiotherapy, Cardiac Sciences, Renal Sciences, Neuro Sciences and Plastic Surgery are fully functional. These departments cater to high number of footfall of around 1200 patients in OPD every day and have inward occupancy of 85% to 90%. Every month more than 200 Cardiac interventional procedures, more than 400 dialysis, more than 50 Radiotherapies and more than 600 major surgeries in various surgical departments are being performed.

Address : 13.2 Km Milestone on Bareilly – Nainital Road, Bhojipura, Bareilly-243202, UP, India
Mobile Number :+91-581-2582030
Email Id: [email protected]
Website :

2. Madhavbaug Clinic

Chronic Heart Disease can happen due to unhealthy lifestyle and diet, genetic factors, and other lifestyle disorders such as obesity, and diabetes. Madhavbaug’s non-invasive heart treatments are designed to prevent and treat complex heart disease at different stages of the disease. These evidence-based researched treatments help patients to not only heal their condition, but also strengthen the heart and improve quality of life.

Madhavbaug has successfully established itself as a dependable option for treating heart ailments – treatments that don’t just heal ailing hearts but strengthen them. A team of dedicated doctors from fields of modern diagnostics, Ayurveda, diet and physiotherapy guides you on the process to better heart health.

Madhavbaug’s ApexBeat programs allow specialists to use cutting-edge technology to recommend specialized diets, physiotherapy, and lifestyle modifications to patients in order to offset the risk of heart disease. The main focus is controlling the risk factors of heart disease and prevent its further progression into full blown heart

Address : 37- Shahdana, Opp. Sindhi Market, Stadium Road, Near Gurudwara, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh 243001
Mobile Number : +91 9458888933
Email Id: [email protected]
Website :

3. Darpin Hospital

Darpin Hospital is a multi-speciality medical Hospital located at Bareilly in the Uttar Pradesh. The quaternary healthcare centre provides high quality and cost-effective medical services. A tribute to the visionary founder of The Darpin Hospital, the hospital fulfils

the Dr.Darshan Mehra’s dream of building a world-class healthcare facility in India. The aim is to create a centre of life where elements of nature augment the healing environment and offer holistic healthcare under one roof. Global Hospital offers comprehensive healthcare facilities to all strata of society. Special provisions will be made for those unable to afford high medical costs.

The premier healthcare center who has smelt the soil of Bareilly was established in 2019 with the core aim of providing quality medical care, at most affordable prices.

The moment it was recognized hospital having world class facilities and full fledged infrastructure for multispeciality hospital. Since then the, the hospital ploughs back most of its earningss for its upgradation and for introducing newer specialties. Currently it has 10 specialties and more than 15 doctors, Especially inlast 2 yrs.

Address : Sanjay Nagar Road ,Pilibhit By Pass Bareilly (U.P)
Mobile Number : 8979252222
Email Id: [email protected]
Website :

4. Om Shanti Hospital

Om Shaanti Hospital is an excellent Hospitals & Clinics with accurate diagnosis. The staff is highly knowledgeable and attentive, providing top-notch care to patients. The facilities are modern and well-equipped, ensuring that every patient receives the best treatment possible. Overall, I highly recommend Om Shaanti Hospital for anyone in need of quality healthcare services.

Om Shaanti Hospital is an excellent hospital with top-notch treatment, well-priced services, sterilized equipment, good supervision, and effective medicines. Their team of professionals is dedicated to providing quality care to their patients. I highly recommend this hospital for anyone in need of medical attention.

Address : 41 Civil Lines, Bareilly College Road, Civil Lines, Bareilly - 243001
Mobile Number : 07490005559
Email Id:  [email protected]
Website :

5. Dr. Pulkit Agarwal

Not a replacement for books, but a quick guide to topics difficult to find and routinely asked in postgraduate examinations. This website purely aims at helping fellow otolaryngologists find easy access to topics. Any suggestions, corrections and additions are highly appreciated.

To help fellow Otolaryngologists by sharing my knowledge in the form of my notes, also learn from them in the form of their suggestions and corrections.Gather topics which are difficult to find and often asked in postgraduate examiations and then provide our users notes that are easy to understand.To build a learning platform for learners from all over the world where accessing the most difficult to find Otolaryngology topics is not a worry anymore.

Address : 41, Civil Lines, Near Bareilly College Gate, Kali Bari Road, Bareilly, UP, IN 243005
Mobile Number : +91 7500 692 860
Email Id:  [email protected]
Website :

Top Cardiologist Doctors in Bareilly: Leading the Way in Heart Care


Bareilly, a city in Uttar Pradesh, India, is home to some of the most accomplished and dedicated cardiologists who are at the forefront of heart care. These experts combine their vast knowledge,

extensive experience, and cutting-edge technologies to provide the best possible cardiac care to the residents of Bareilly and its surrounding areas. In this article, we will explore the top cardiologist doctors in Bareilly who have earned recognition for their expertise and commitment to cardiovascular health.

Dr. Arun Sharma:
Dr. Arun Sharma is a highly respected cardiologist in Bareilly known for his exceptional skills and patient-centric approach. With a wealth of experience in interventional cardiology, he specializes in procedures such as angioplasty and stent placement. Dr. Sharma is associated with prominent hospitals in Bareilly and has earned a reputation for his commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in cardiology.

Dr. Nisha Gupta:
Dr. Nisha Gupta is a renowned female cardiologist in Bareilly, breaking stereotypes and making significant contributions to the field. With a focus on preventive cardiology, Dr. Gupta emphasizes lifestyle modifications and early detection of heart issues. Her compassionate approach and dedication to women's heart health make her a sought-after cardiologist in the region.

Dr. Rajesh Singh:
Dr. Rajesh Singh is a leading cardiologist with expertise in non-invasive cardiology. Known for his diagnostic skills, Dr. Singh uses advanced imaging techniques to assess heart conditions without invasive procedures. His commitment to patient education and preventive measures has made him a trusted name in Bareilly's cardiology community.

Dr. Pooja Verma:
Dr. Pooja Verma is a rising star in Bareilly's cardiology landscape, specializing in pediatric cardiology. Her focus on congenital heart conditions in children has filled a crucial gap in specialized care. Dr. Verma is associated with leading pediatric hospitals, contributing significantly to the well-being of young patients with cardiac issues.

Dr. Anand Joshi:
Dr. Anand Joshi is a seasoned cardiologist known for his expertise in electrophysiology. His specialization includes the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. Dr. Joshi's commitment to offering advanced treatments for conditions like arrhythmias has made him a respected figure in Bareilly's medical community.


The top cardiologist doctors in Bareilly are making significant strides in the field of cardiovascular medicine, ensuring that the residents of the city have access to world-class cardiac care. From interventional cardiology to preventive measures and pediatric cardiology,

These specialists cover a broad spectrum of cardiac health, addressing the diverse needs of the community. Their dedication, combined with the latest technologies and a patient-centric approach, is helping to shape the future of heart care in Bareilly. If you are in need of cardiac services, these experts are undoubtedly leading the way in providing compassionate and comprehensive care for your heart health.

1. Who are the top cardiologist doctors in Bareilly?

The top cardiologist doctors in Bareilly include Dr. Arun Sharma, Dr. Nisha Gupta, Dr. Rajesh Singh, Dr. Pooja Verma, and Dr. Anand Joshi, among others. These experts are recognized for their contributions to cardiovascular health in the region.

2. What services do these cardiologists offer in Bareilly?

These cardiologists offer a range of services, including interventional cardiology (angioplasty, stent placement), non-invasive cardiology (diagnostics without invasive procedures), preventive cardiology, and specialized care such as pediatric cardiology and electrophysiology.

3. How can I book an appointment with a cardiologist in Bareilly?

To book an appointment with a cardiologist in Bareilly, you can contact the respective hospitals or clinics where these doctors practice. Many healthcare facilities also provide online appointment booking options for added convenience.

4. Are there female cardiologists in Bareilly?

Yes, Dr. Nisha Gupta is a prominent female cardiologist in Bareilly. She specializes in preventive cardiology and plays a crucial role in promoting heart health, particularly among women.

5. What is the approach of these cardiologists towards preventive cardiology?

Several cardiologists in Bareilly, including Dr. Nisha Gupta, emphasize preventive cardiology. This approach involves lifestyle modifications, early detection of risk factors, and patient education to reduce the incidence of heart diseases.

6. Do these cardiologists accept insurance for cardiac procedures?

Most cardiologists in Bareilly work in collaboration with hospitals that accept health insurance. It is advisable to check with the specific healthcare facility and your insurance provider to confirm coverage details for cardiac procedures.

7. Are there cardiologists in Bareilly specializing in pediatric cardiology?

Yes, Dr. Pooja Verma is a notable cardiologist in Bareilly specializing in pediatric cardiology. She focuses on diagnosing and treating congenital heart conditions in children.

8. How often should I consult a cardiologist for routine check-ups?

The frequency of routine check-ups with a cardiologist depends on individual health factors and any pre-existing conditions. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional to determine an appropriate schedule based on your health needs.

9. What diagnostic technologies do these cardiologists use in Bareilly?

Cardiologists in Bareilly use advanced diagnostic technologies, including echocardiography, stress tests, cardiac MRI, and CT angiography, among others, to assess and diagnose various heart conditions.

10. Are there support services for patients undergoing cardiac procedures in Bareilly?

Hospitals and healthcare facilities in Bareilly typically provide comprehensive support services for patients undergoing cardiac procedures, including pre-procedure counseling, post-operative care, and rehabilitation programs. Patients can inquire about these services during their consultation with the cardiologist.

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