Cardiologist Doctors In Ranchi

Ranchi, the vibrant capital city of Jharkhand, is not only known for its scenic beauty but is also home to a dedicated community of cardiologist doctors. These healthcare professionals serve as guardians of cardiovascular health, ensuring the well-being of the residents. In this detailed description, we explore the significance of cardiologists in Ranchi, their expertise, and the pivotal role they play in fostering heart health in the local community

cardiologists in Ranchi emerge as crucial contributors to cardiovascular health, seamlessly blending medical expertise with community-centric and culturally sensitive approaches. Their commitment to accessibility, preventive healthcare initiatives, and the integration of advanced technologies positions them as custodians of heart health. As these cardiologist doctors continue to play an indispensable role, the hearts of Ranchi beat with resilience, vitality, and the promise of a healthy future.

Here Is Top 10 Cardiologist Doctor in Ranchi

1. Dr. Deepak Kumar

Dr. Deepak Kumar is a highly recognized Interventional Cardiologist and expert in Structural Heart procedures in the state of Jharkhand. He currently holds the position of Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at the Medica Institute of Cardiac Sciences. With extensive expertise in performing device Implantations, he has also pioneered innovative techniques for handling intricate device cases. Additionally, Dr. Kumar possesses significant proficiency in conducting CHIP coronary cases, which have been published in various international and national forums.

The 300 bed BMMSH provides services in Cardiac Sciences, Neurological Diseases, Orthopaedics, Kidney Diseases, Gastroenterology and GI Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Ear-Nose-Throat, Dermatology, Critical Care, Emergency, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Your Kidneys help maintain normal salt and water balance in our body by removing the liquid waste from the blood. In an adult of normal weight (60-65kg), about 1200ml of blood flows through both the kidneys every minute (this is about 20-25% of heart output). Therefore, normal functioning of kidneys is critical for maintaining the body’s balance.

The above symptoms/signs are given to you as a warning and should be used as general guideline only. Contact your doctor if you notice any of the above for further advice on investigation and treatment. Kidney disease is detected only when you go for urine / blood checkup. A large number of patients with kidney disease are asymptomatic. Doctor’s advice is a must for any treatment.

Contact Details

Address : In front of P.H.E.D Colony Near Booty More Bariatu Road Ranchi 834009, Jharkhand
Mobile Number : +91 6516606000
Email Id: [email protected]
Website :

2. Drugresearch

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Heart issues are the most common health issues that individuals of every age group are facing nowadays. It is important to get these issues checked at the right time to avoid severe heart ailments.

Finding a good heart doctor, also known as a cardiologist, might be tough if you lack knowledge regarding the doctor’s role. In this article, we will guide you as to how you can find the best cardiologist In Ranchi near you. We will also be giving you a brief about what exactly cardiologists are.

Contact Details

Address : Anand Park, A Wing, 3rd Floor, Room No, 17, Chinchwad - Akurdi Link Rd, Jyotiba Nagar, Talwade, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411033, India
Mobile Number : +91-7378329783
Email Id: [email protected]
Website :

3. Raj Hospitals

Established in 1991, Raj Hospitals has been serving the people of Ranchi and surrounding regions for over three decades now. The 100+ bed hospital has a unique combination of the best medical skills, most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment infrastructure coupled with the best practices and processes to deliver quality patient care, all under one roof.

While there is no compromise on the quality of treatment and patient care, we ensure that this world-class facility is affordable for all sections of society. Located in the heart of Ranchi, the Raj Hospitals is easily accessible by all modes of transport. Raj Hospital is a super-specialty hospital in Ranchi, India. We provide the best treatments that are tailored to your needs. The best hospital in Ranchi also has an emergency medical evacuation facility with its own rooftop helipad.

We have a dedicated team of experts in complex cardiac diseases at Raj Hospitals.

Raj Hospitals has expertise in providing complete all-around cardiology care for patients with heart diseases. From diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and surgical care to cardiac rehabilitation and wellness services, we master everything with excellence. Our team of expert cardiologists believes in carrying out an in-depth investigation of patients' conditions taking into account their complete medical history, thereby strategizing a tailored treatment and speedy recovery plan for each individual.

Our Intensive Coronary Care Units (ICU) are managed and monitored round-the-clock by critical care specialists and intensivists, supported by highly trained paramedical and nursing teams.

Heart disease symptoms include chest pain, abnormal breathing, change in heart rate, dizziness, and high blood pressure. If one is experiencing any of these symptoms, one must immediately consult a doctor. Cardiac surgery helps to treat complications of heart disease and the circulatory system. To achieve improved body health, consult now now with the Best heart doctor in Ranchi at Raj Hospitals, the best Hospital in Ranchi.

Contact Details

Address : Raj Hospitals Complex, Mahatma Gandhi Main Rd, behind Central, Ranchi 834001
Mobile Number : +91 977 14 88888
Email Id: [email protected]
Website :

4.  Dr Deepak Gupta

Dr Deepak Gupta is Senior Interventional Cardiologistt .His contributions in the field of Cardiology, especially Interventional Cardiology have been recognised extensively in Jharkhand and Bihar .

During his career span of 25-years, he has pioneered many interventions in jharkhand and Bihar . He has done his MBBS and MD (Medicine) from RIMS Ranchi. He has completed his DM (Cardiology) course from Prestigious SGPGIMS, Lucknow in 1999. He received Fellowship of soicety of coronary angiography and intervention(FSCAI) from USA and Fellow of European Society of cardiology(FESC) from Europe . DR Deepak Gupta has experience 25 yr in field of cardiology . He has done more than ten thousand coronary angiography and more than 6000 coronary angioplasty, . He is an expert of complex angioplasty. He impanted more than 2000 Pacemaker , 750 BMV . HE is also doing device closure of ASD / PDA .

Contact Details

Address : East Lichi Bagan, Firing Range, Bariatu, Ranchi - 834009
Mobile Number : +917632093831
Email Id: [email protected]
Website :

5. Paras Health

Paras Health was established in 2006, with the mission of providing specialized tertiary medical care services at affordable prices to under served communities across the country. This private healthcare provider stands apart from others in it’s vision of making healthcare for all a reality for ordinary people in rural and remote regions.

Every single individual working in a ‘Paras’ Hospital- from doctors to nurses and the management- is united in the endeavour to deliver top quality healthcare to all. Paras Health is a leader in establishing specialized hospitals in places that lack access to healthcare, specifically super specialty tertiary care. Each of it’s initiative is based on our values of Compassion, Accessibility, Affordability, and Quality.

Since 2006, Paras Health has aimed to build a healthy Bharat by providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services. Paras Health’s mission is to make affordable and quality tertiary health accessible to communities that lack such services. Paras Health’s visual identity emphasizes its 4 brand values - Compassion, Accessibility, Affordability and Quality that converge to make its vision a reality for all Bhartiyas. Paras Health has been delivering world-class clinical outcomes by staying abreast with the latest developments in the scientific field and combining cutting-edge technology with our extensive & renowned medical expertise.

Paras Health has aimed to build a healthy Bharat by providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services. Paras Health’s mission is to make affordable and quality tertiary health accessible to communities that lack such services. Our brand values of compassion, affordability, accessibility, and high-quality drives us to provide care for patient’s needs as partners and bring our promise of being a “Partners in Health” to life for all communities that we serve.

Paras Health started with its first hospital in Gurugram in 2006, expanded to Patna, Darbhanga, Udaipur, Panchkula, Ranchi, and now extending itself to Srinagar & Kanpur. Paras Health aspires to be the largest private healthcare provider in its covered market by 2031 with ~10000 beds under its network. Of this, around 5000 beds will be added by FY 2028 through organic and inorganic expansion. The committed expansion pipeline of 2,000+ beds will be met through expansion at Kanpur, Srinagar, and Panchkula.

Our values drive our decision to open new units – accessibility of healthcare in the region, presence of affordable healthcare at the location and last, existence of a specialized quality healthcare provider. If any of the aspects can be addressed, Paras Health participates in providing exceptional health facilities that can touch the lives of millions and improve the health infrastructure of the state/region. By providing exceptional medical expertise, infrastructure and technology to areas that lack the same, Paras is able partner for a healthy Bharat.

Contact Details

Address : Paras Twin Towers, 1st Floor, B, Golf Course Rd, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana 122022
Mobile Number : +9108035358702
Email Id: [email protected]/
Website :

6. Orchid Medical

Orchid Medical Centre has a team of the best doctors in Ranchi, Jharkhand And Best General Physician In Ranchi, Jharkhand For All Types of Health Treatment. It has doctors of all disciplines. Our team of doctors has had extensive exposure in world-renowned hospitals like Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York), NIMHANS (Bangalore), CMC Ludhiana, G.B. Pant, Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (Delhi), Apollo Hospital (Chennai), Breach Candy (Mumbai), Batra Hospital (Delhi) At Orchid Medical Centre You Get General Physician In Ranchi For All Types of Health Treatment etc.

The hospital aims to provide quality patient care with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence and patient comfort at an affordable cost. Competing with some of the best medical facilities in India, Orchid Medical Centre is a Super Speciality Hospital equipped to cater to all medical requirements.

Orchid Medical Centre is one of the few NABH accredited hospitals in Ranchi, Jharkhand. We have a process-driven approach in all aspects of hospital activities – from registration, admission, pre-surgery, peri-surgery and post-surgery protocols, discharge from the hospital to follow-up with the hospital after discharge. Not only the clinical aspects but the governance aspects are processed based on clear and transparent policies and protocols.

Orchid Medical Centre is the first hospital lab in Ranchi to have NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certification. This nationally recognized certification issued by the Quality Council of India ensures that the entire process from sample collection, storage, testing and reporting are done as per the highest quality standards.

Contact Details

Address : H.B. Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand-834001
Mobile Number : +91-9117 100 100
Email Id: [email protected]/
Website :

7. Alam Hospital

Alam Hospital is the best Hospital because at Alam Hospital & Research Centre, Ranchi our aim is to be committed to providing the best quality healthcare services to all our patients, and that too at affordable rates. By affordable rates, I mean that our hospital strictly sees that the patients are billed in a very transparent manner and we don’t keep any component of hidden charges. We charge what needs to be charged and that too at very nominal rates. By doing so I think somehow even a common man is getting access to quality healthcare services. We initiated a tie-up with Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi as I saw the people of Ranchi and Jharkhand were forced to go to metro cities in search of good quality and advanced healthcare services. This added to their discomfort and was also financially draining for them. So, I thought to bridge the gap and by now having an association with the Fortis Group for running the Heart Command Centre with us, we are now rendering world-class Invasive and Non Invasive Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery services to our patients right here in Ranchi itself.

We also are impaneled under the BPL Scheme where we are providing critical patients who are in the category of BPL (below the poverty line) treatment absolutely free of any charge. The healthcare delivery system in India has seen a sea change with the advent of new technologies in recent years and now highly sophisticated types of equipment and machines have made the treatment more decisive and precise. We too have made continuous efforts to keep abreast with the requirements of the modern-era hospital. Our team of well-qualified Doctors and highly skilled Nurses and Para Medical Staff give personalized attention to all our patients. We are also having a facility of 40 plus critical care beds where we admit very sick patients requiring close monitoring.

I hope my hospital will continue to provide all our patients with the best quality healthcare services with a humane touch and utmost care. My advice to you all is to maintain a healthy lifestyle practice. Please make light exercises a part of your routine. Refrain from eating junk food and also too oily or spicy food. It is equally important to remain stress-free. One can try some meditation plus try to have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.

Contact Details

Address : Bariatu, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834009
Mobile Number : 7070991116
Email Id: [email protected]
Website :

8. Vaidam

Vaidam will find you the best, hassle free treatment at prices you can afford, so that you can focus only on getting better.

At one time or another, everyone needs medical care for a serious health issue. Where is quality medical care available, and how do people get there? We started Vaidam to help people to resolve these issues. We consult family doctors, friends and family, and we search the Internet. We collect all of the pertinent information onto a single platform and make it available to our patients.

We have combined experience of more than 50 years in healthcare, the Internet and customer service. We travel, research and assess people and places that can provide effective treatment. We bring that information to our patients so that they can focus on resolving their medical issues.

We carefully select all of the hospitals and doctors that you see on We talk, visit, collect pictures, stories and descriptions that will be useful to you. We provide you with 5 star services, whether we are providing you with treatment, an opinion from one of the doctors on our panel or simply with relevant information.

Naomi was looking for a knee replacement for his mother. The average quote for a single knee replacement is $5,000. Naomi’s budget was $3,500. Our Patient Account Manager researched, negotiated with hospitals, and eventually found an excellent doctor and place of treatment that met Naomi's budget.

Robert suffered from back pain. The doctors in his country advised surgery. Robert was reluctant to undergo surgery and discussed his concerns with us. We referred his case to doctors for a second opinion and found a doctor who was confident that he could resolve Robert’s back pain through acupuncture. The cost of his treatment and his with stay in India for a month cost Robert only 10% of the amount that he was quoted for surgery.

One patient suffered from schizophrenia and could not get effective help despite trying many places abroad. We referred the case to one of India’s top schizophrenia consultants. The patient was sceptical of the outcome and of the place where the patient would be admitted for rehabilitation. Our team took the patient and the guardians to the consultant’s location and ensured that they were satisfied about the care and comfort that they would receive. Suffering that had lingered for years was treated and resolved in months.

We provide our patients with all available options from world renowned specialists and some hidden gems, who we know because of our deep network in the healthcare world.

Contact Details

Address : Vaidam Health Pvt Ltd, 98, 2nd Floor Sector 44, Gurgaon, National Capital Region, Haryana, India, Pin - 122001
Mobile Number : +91-9971616131
Email Id: [email protected]
Website :

9. Medanta

Medanta Institute of Education & Research (MIER) is committed to the advancement in medicine through research, innovation and academic programs that center on individualized and personal care.

Global Health Limited (Medanta) is the largest multi-speciality tertiary care provider in the North and East regions of India in terms of bed capacity (2,467 installed beds). We deliver advanced, affordable end-to-end healthcare in Delhi, Gurugram, Indore, Ranchi, Patna and Lucknow through our network of five hospitals, six Mediclinics, diagnostic laboratories, home-care and telemedicine services. We aim to extend specialised care for complex cases in under-served densely populated areas through our patient-first model of healthcare. Our facilities have received different national and international accreditations, such as from the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH)

A vision that first came to Dr. Naresh Trehan, while practising surgery at the NYU Medical Center in the USA. For every 1000 Indian patients he treated there, another 1000 couldn’t even afford to fly down. That’s when he realised that India needed to have an advance super-specialty medical institution of its own. An institution which not only treats, but trains and innovates too while providing high standard of technology, infrastructure, clinical care, and a fusion of traditional Indian and modern medicine. All at an affordable cost.

That’s how Medanta was born and our continuous efforts of staying true to our mission under the leadership of Dr. Naresh Trehan has made us the BEST PRIVATE HOSPITAL IN INDIA.

Contact Details

Address : Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Mobile Number : +91-9971616131
Email Id: [email protected]/
Website :

Cardiologist Doctors in Ranchi: Nurturing Hearts in the Heart of Jharkhand

Ranchi, the vibrant capital city of Jharkhand, is not only known for its scenic beauty but is also home to a dedicated community of cardiologist doctors. These healthcare professionals serve as guardians of cardiovascular health, ensuring the well-being of the residents. In this detailed description, we explore the significance of cardiologists in Ranchi, their expertise, and the pivotal role they play in fostering heart health in the local community.

Expertise and Specialization: Cardiologists in Ranchi are highly skilled medical professionals specializing in cardiology, a field devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum of cardiac conditions, including coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, valvular disorders, and hypertension.

Urban Accessibility: Operating within well-established hospitals and specialized heart care centers across Ranchi, these cardiologists ensure urban accessibility to state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and cutting-edge treatments. This accessibility proves crucial for residents seeking prompt intervention and management of cardiovascular issues.

Preventive Healthcare Initiatives: While adept at treating existing cardiac conditions, cardiologists in Ranchi are also proactive advocates for preventive healthcare. They conduct awareness campaigns, emphasizing the importance of adopting heart-healthy lifestyles, regular exercise, and prioritizing routine health check-ups. This proactive approach is crucial for reducing the overall burden of cardiovascular diseases.

Technological Advancements in Cardiology: Remaining at the forefront of technological advancements, Ranchi's cardiologists leverage cutting-edge technologies in the field of cardiology. From advanced imaging techniques to minimally invasive procedures, these medical professionals ensure precise diagnoses and effective treatments, thereby elevating the standard of cardiac care in the city.

Emergency Services and Timely Intervention: Recognizing the critical nature of cardiac emergencies, cardiologists in Ranchi maintain affiliations with hospitals equipped to handle such situations. Timely intervention is paramount in cardiac care, and these medical professionals ensure that residents receive immediate attention during emergencies.

Community Outreach and Holistic Care: Beyond urban centers, cardiologists in Ranchi extend their services to suburban areas through community outreach programs and medical camps. They embrace a holistic approach to patient care by collaborating with professionals from various healthcare disciplines, including nutritionists and physiotherapists. This collaborative effort ensures comprehensive solutions for overall well-being.

Cultural Sensitivity: Acknowledging the importance of cultural sensitivity in healthcare, cardiologists in Ranchi tailor their approach to respect local traditions and lifestyle choices. This personalized touch fosters a robust doctor-patient relationship, making it easier for individuals from diverse backgrounds to adopt heart-healthy practices.

cardiologists in Ranchi emerge as crucial contributors to cardiovascular health, seamlessly blending medical expertise with community-centric and culturally sensitive approaches. Their commitment to accessibility, preventive healthcare initiatives, and the integration of advanced technologies positions them as custodians of heart health. As these cardiologist doctors continue to play an indispensable role, the hearts of Ranchi beat with resilience, vitality, and the promise of a healthy future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Cardiologist Doctors in Ranchi:

What is a cardiologist, and what conditions do they specialize in treating?

A cardiologist is a medical professional specializing in cardiology, which involves the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. They address conditions such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, valvular disorders, and hypertension.

How can I find a qualified cardiologist in Ranchi?

You can find qualified cardiologists in Ranchi by asking for recommendations from your general practitioner, checking with local hospitals, or using online directories provided by medical associations or healthcare institutions.

When should I consult a cardiologist in Ranchi?

It is advisable to consult a cardiologist if you experience symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, or if you have risk factors such as a family history of heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension.

Do cardiologists in Ranchi offer emergency services?

While cardiologists may not directly provide emergency services, they are often affiliated with hospitals and healthcare facilities equipped to handle cardiac emergencies. In case of an emergency, it is crucial to call for immediate medical assistance.

What diagnostic procedures do cardiologists use in Ranchi?

Cardiologists in Ranchi use various diagnostic procedures, including echocardiography, electrocardiography (ECG), stress tests, cardiac catheterization, and imaging techniques like angiography to assess heart health and diagnose cardiovascular conditions.

How often should one undergo cardiac screenings or check-ups in Ranchi?

The frequency of cardiac screenings depends on individual risk factors and health history. Cardiologists can provide personalized recommendations during routine check-ups.

Are there specialized cardiologists for specific age groups in Ranchi?

While cardiologists generally treat patients of all ages, there are specialists who focus on pediatric cardiology for children and adolescents, and geriatric cardiology for the elderly.

What lifestyle changes can cardiologists recommend for heart health in Ranchi?

Cardiologists often recommend lifestyle changes such as adopting a heart-healthy diet, engaging in regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding smoking, and managing stress to promote overall cardiovascular health.

Can I consult a cardiologist for preventive advice even if I don't have any heart conditions?

Yes, preventive consultations with cardiologists in Ranchi are encouraged. Regular check-ups help maintain optimal heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

How do cardiologists contribute to community health in Ranchi?

Cardiologists actively contribute to community health through outreach programs, medical camps, and awareness campaigns. They play a crucial role in promoting heart health and educating the community about preventive measures against cardiovascular diseases.

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