Dental Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

A beverage that is very popular and good for our health is green tea. It contains epigallocatechin gallate (a polyphenol) which helps in preventing cardiovascular disease and the development of cancer. Research suggests that bad breath, gum diseases and cavities can be avoided if we drink green tea. Drinking it regularly will keep our gums and teeth healthy because it helps in reducing oral bacteria. The possibility of oral cancer reduces by drinking it. Now I am going to tell you the dental benefits of drinking green tea.

1. It prevents cavities – For preventing cavities, it is very useful because it reduces dental plaque, saliva’s acidity and controls bacteria. In a research, this beverage was given to some people. They took it in their mouth and rinsed well for about 5 minutes. The following results were obtained after 5 minutes:

  • Gum bleeding had been reduced in those people.
  • Their mouths’ acid bacteria had been reduced.

If you want to prevent tooth decay then drinking this beverage helps a lot.

2. It keeps our gums healthy – For controlling periodontal disease, the anti-inflammatory properties are present in this beverage. A research was conducted on 1000 men and this beverage was offered to each of them. The result was that as compared to those people who didn’t drink it, the healthier gums were found in the people who drank it. One more research was conducted over the people in which the extracts of this beverage were filled in the candies and these candies were offered to the people. Those who had chewed the candies were having healthier gums as compared to those who hadn’t.

3. It reduces the chances of losing teeth – If you will drink this beverage then the possibility of losing teeth reduces because gum disease and cavities are prevented by drinking it. In a research this beverage was offered to some men and women. The result was that there was no loss of tooth in those who were drinking 1-2 cups of this beverage daily.

4. It controls cancer – It helps in protecting you from the growth of the cancerous tumor and cellular damage because of its various properties and the presence of antioxidants in it. In a research it has been found that oral cancer’s progression has been slowed down in the mouths of the people having precancerous lesions when extract of green tea was offered to them. Cancer growth can be inhibited with the compounds of this beverage.

5. It keeps your breath fresh – Your breath will remain fresh if you will drink this beverage daily. The reason behind the bad smell coming out of the mouth is the presence of microbes in it. This beverage helps in killing these microbes. Research suggests that as compared to the oil of parsley seed, chewing gum and mints, green tea performs better for avoiding bad breath coming out of the mouth.

6. It helps in the remineralization of the tooth – It has been found in research that the soft tooth can become hard and can remineralize if you will immerse it in green tea. So, when your tooth gets demineralized then start drinking this beverage. One more research suggests that tea need not be hot, otherwise it will not help in the remineralization process.

How to drink green tea

Are you interested in including this beverage in the daily diet? In one day, you can drink 5 cups of this beverage. But proper preparation of this beverage is necessary to make it beneficial for our health. Put some cold and fresh water in a ceramic pot and warm it. After it has boiled up, wait for 3 minutes so that it can cool down. Now put the teabag in the water and wait for some time (nearly 3 minutes). After that, you can enjoy green tea.

Some people do not like to drink this beverage. For these people, it will be good to use a mouthwash or toothpaste containing green tea. The extract of green tea is present in some candies and chewing gums. So, you can eat these candies and chew these gums to get the benefits of this beverage.For keeping my oral health good, I make regular visits to the Best dentist near me. He examines my gums and teeth for any problem.

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