How To Clean and Polish Your Jewellery

Whether you wear your precious piece of metal on a daily basis or keep it for special occasions, there is no way you can prevent your jewellery from tarnishing. In a world full of pollutants and dust, keeping your prized possession as good as new can be a challenge. Losing its shine is not something you would expect from a precious piece of jewellery. Still, your jewellery is bound to lose its lustre with time and knowing the right way to get it back is essential if you are not willing to foot the bill for it. Although, if you have enough money to burn, there’s no harm in letting competent jewellers handle the job. But getting your jewellery cleaned and polished can prove to be a burden on the wallet, especially if you live in a big city. I live in Jaipur, and I can confirm from my experience that Jewellers in Jaipur can sometimes charge you more than the fair amount for a work like this.

Whether or not you should take your jewellery to a professional for cleaning, and how to get your jewellery cleaned and polished at home are the questions we will be answering with this article.

Tips for cleaning jewellery at home

Taking your jewellery to a professional for getting it cleaned and polished every time you notice it getting dull, is not practical. More often than not, you can clean and polish your ornaments at home without much of a hassle. Though there are a few things you should know before doing so.

According to experts, using simple mild soap and warm water can prove to be a competent and efficient way to clean jewellery. Both your fine jewellery and big pieces of ornaments can be cleaned by using a mild soap along with warm water and a toothbrush with soft bristles. Although, this will only be efficient on minor wear and tear on the jewellery. In case the dirt is more persistent, you can try soaking your jewellery in warm water for a few hours and then clean it with soap. Baking soda is another easy solution for heavy tarnish on your gold and silver jewellery.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of using soap and warm water or making a baking soda mixture to clean your ornaments, then you can simply buy a gold and silver polish for easy cleaning. Such polishes are readily available on websites like Amazon. Even simpler to use, are cleaning wipes made for cleaning and polishing jewellery, also available on Amazon.

When is it a good idea to seek professional help?

Although, as advised, it is not a practical choice to get all your jewellery cleaned by a professional, still there are few pieces of jewellery, which should be cleaned by a competent jeweller. Almost every Indian woman loves to wear Jewellery and every jeweller provides cleaning and polishing services, so finding one should not be a tough task. You can find plenty of Jewellers in Jaipur, who offer services like these, and the same can be said for other big cities as well.

Gold and silver jewellery can be cleaned easily at home, but platinum is a bit more delicate and can easily sustain scratches, and therefore should be taken to a professional. Similarly, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies can be cleaned at home using soap and water, but corals, pearls, opals, and turquoise should again be handled by a professional.

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