Top 15 Festivals in Goa | How To Enjoy Goa Festivals

When we think of Goa, we think of beaches, water sports, and nightlife, but Goa is also famous for its lively and bright festival scene, spanning a different kind and with sun, sea, sand, color, music, dance, food, culture and joy. Here is our pick of festivals in Goa you need to attend at least once in your lifetime.

Some say it’s Perfect, “Addictive for Human Being” Some Love Being Addicted to It. Goa has the most memorable things like an astonishing variety of Festivals in Goa  – It’s called “Goa’s Pride” Goa is not only meant for beaches in Goa and sea, but it was also widely known for some amazing events that blow your mind out. We were totally astonished at this happening! Check out some amazing creative festivals in Goa.

Bungee jumping in Goa is exciting as well as amazing. There is no particular time to enjoy this thrilling activity.

1. Grape Escapade

A grant welcome to this party is announced every year. People love this festival as it’s very exciting. It is the World’s Biggest “WINE FESTIVAL” held in India. Many love being thereafter or before experiencing seawater sports activities. Though it started in 2005, it is glamorously celebrated with wines, haute cuisine, and restaurants, hoteliers, wineries, and lifestyle brands that are all under one roof. The Grape Stomping is yet another exciting and is celebrated from traditional days, a source of many delights and fun for the visitors.

2. Goa Carnival

Goa carnival is celebrated from 18th Century, it is meant for celebrating, enjoyment, feasting, and merrymaking. The Carnival is exclusive and unique for all Goan people, and it was introduced by Portugal who ruled over Goa for over five hundred years. It’s also called, “Febs Carnival in Goa.” The carnival begins at the beginning of Lent, forty days before Easter. The celebration parades with floats and parties across the whole state. The city shines with colors and music. Perfectly held in the month of “FEBRUARY”, if you plan your day for scuba diving in goa then don’t miss this opportunity.

Anjuna Beach is one of the most popular places for adventure activities in Goa, individually for Bungee Jumping in Goa. A tower which is 50-meters in height is used for the sport

3. Goa Food and Music Festival

If you plan to step in Goa during the summertime, don’t miss the festival, lots to eat, drink and music play around. Today these make headlines in the “Streets of Goa.” People also go crazy they love to be in this group of people. Many visitors love visiting Grand Island trip in Goa, after which they love spending time with their families and friends. Some people only see this happening in movies but some experience by taking out time for their self.

4. Goa Mango festival

If you love Mangoes, you will also love celebrating Mango Festival season with varieties of Mangoes cultivated in Goa. It includes the grand style of presenting expensive varieties of mangoes. They also include workshops, seminars, and demonstrations, perfectly for mango lovers. Some can also book your tickets for Dolphin trip to nearby the location. You will love dolphins for their love for you. Bookings are available through calls and emails.

5. Goa International Latin Festival

Do you have a girlfriend? Are you a bit romantic? Here is a fantastic summertime cultural festival that has headlining acts of Bollywood singers and dancers, fashion designers and well-known Goan bands in a series of nights of revelry that includes food, entertainment, and drinks. Special holiday plans also include many trips and other water sports activities.
Challenge your life! NOW with FUN!

6. Christmas

Christmas Festival falls on the 25th day of December every year and commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. Christian communities across the globe celebrate Christmas with faith, joy, and enthusiasm. Celebrations for Christmas begin on the eve of Christmas on 24th December and continue till New Year's Day.

During this entire period people make merry, party with friends and exchange seasons greetings and gifts with dear ones. The high point of Christmas Festival celebrations includes decoration of Christmas Tree, Christmas cakes, carols, and the jolly old Santa Claus - the mythical character who brings gifts for children.

7. New Year Eve in Goa

We just decided to quickly put together the tips we can think of for having a great New Year’s Eve in Goa because the emails are flowing in asking me about it! Goa is a notorious party place and with that comes a huge crowd of people from abroad but also all over India. The traffic is crazy and the prices skyrocket. I’m going to share a few tips for Goa on New Year’s Eve so you can make the most of your night.

8. Feast of Saint Francis Xavier

The Feast of St Francis Xavier, which is one of the most important events for the followers of Christianity, would be held on December 4 as against the annual date of December 3.

The feast is celebrated at Old Goa, nine km from here, where the body of the saint who died in the year 1552 and whose relics are still preserved in the Church.

9. Three Kings Feast

This is a feast that is celebrated every year on January 6, which is considered to be The Epiphany or Three Kings Day as per Christian culture. While it is held in the ancient church of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios (Our Lady of Cures), people eagerly participate in this feast, regardless of their religious orientation, many places across Goa also celebrate the feast.

This 10-day long festival is full of gaiety, dancing, music, and revelry. Devotees come to offer their obeisance and seek the blessings of Our Lady. The festival culminates on day 10, with three young boys, are dressed as the three Kings who brought gifts for the infant Jesus. This day is also the day of a grand fun-fair with lots of shopping and eating options.

10. Goa Cashew & Coconut Festival

Coconut and Cashew nut is an integral part of life in Goa. Right from their use in food and drinks to their contribution to the local economy, these two products have created a very lasting impression on Goan culture and lifestyle. In a bid to pay an ode to these two Goan essentials, Goa Tourism is organizing one of India’s biggest Coconut & Cashew Festival 2014 from May 21 to 25 at Campal Grounds in Panjim.

This festival, which is being organized for the first time, will focus on the role that coconut and cashew nut play in Goa. As a part of this, the event will feature a wide range of activities like cookery shows, cocktail demos using Feni, music concerts and stalls featuring handicrafts and artifacts that are made using coconut shells and other by-products. Some fun, innovative games like ‘Crack a coconut’ and ‘Roll a coconut’.

11. Sao Joao Festival

Come June and Goa gears itself for the unique and popular water festival called ‘Sao Joao’ on the 24th of June. This has been one of the more famous Christian feasts in the state and is celebrated with grandness, joyfulness and great fervour! However, this festival isn’t just for Goans or Catholics anymore and on this feast day of St John the Baptist, all are invited to attend the celebrations. It has transformed into Goa’s very own monsoon festival and captures the Goan love and passion for life, the spirit of fun and celebration of their faith.

This feast is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, who was born on 24th June and who, according to the scriptures, was the cousin of Jesus. He had also baptised Jesus in the River Jordan. According to folklore, when Mother Mary broke the news to her sister Elizabeth that she is going to have baby Jesus, at that time Elizabeth was pregnant with St. John the Baptist, who jumped with joy in Elizabeth’s womb on hearing this news.

12. Shigmo

Shigmo festival is the spring festival in Goa celebrated by the Konkani diaspora of Goa, with a lot of pompous and splendour. This festival takes place in the Phalguna month, according to the Saka calendar of the Hindu community living in Goa. This festival is celebrated around March every year.It is related to the Hindu lunar calendar and hence its date according to the Gregorian calendar varies.

13. Vasco Saptah

The festival that intrigues me most, is the Vasco Saptah that is held a day after Nagpanchami that happens in July – august. The word ‘Saptah’ literally means seven days and the festival lasts for a week.

Like every other thing in Goa, this festival too has a story behind it. Legend has it that in the late 19 century, there was a plague epidemic in the city. The health facilities at that time were not that great and so a cure could not be found. The residents of Vasco could not just sit by while this epidemic disease spread, so they did what every Goan does best, turn towards a spiritual path. The local residents turned to Lord Damodar, an incarnation of lord shiva for help, they went to Zambaulim temple (near margao) of lord damodar and brought back a coconut as prasad to be installed for worship in Vasco. The initial installation was at old mata high school.

14. Bonderam Festival

The Bonderam Festival that typically happens on the fourth Saturday of August every year, is when this sleepy village comes alive to celebrate an old tradition that is exclusive to this island only in Goa. There is a story behind this festival involving the Portuguese, the local villagers, flags & shooting, so head over there to find out more about it.

The festival usually kicks off around 3pm, with a procession of a brass band, children and adults dressed in different costumes, taking part in a fancy-dress competitions and a parade of floats. Once the parade is over, the live band and the DJ take turns in playing music and the whole street turns into one big dance party. There are various food stalls serving tasty local fare, or you could hit up one of the many bars that are open. Of course expect to be singing the Viva Bonderam song by the end of it as it is played quite frequently through the day.

15. Sunburn

Sunburn is red, painful skin that feels hot to the touch. It usually appears within a few hours after too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from sunshine or artificial sources, such as sunlamps. Home remedies can usually provide sunburn relief, but sunburn may take days to fade.

Intense, repeated UV light exposure that results in sunburn increases the risk of other skin damage, such as dark spots, rough spots, and dry or wrinkled skin. It also raises the risk of skin cancers such as melanoma. You can prevent sunburn and related conditions by protecting your skin. This is especially important when you're outdoors, even on cool or cloudy days.

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