Tungareshwar Shiva Temple

Tungareshwar Shiva Temple is a popular Lord Shiva temple on the hilltop of Tungareshwar Hills, Vasai, Maharashtra India. Tungareshwar Shiva Temple in India is a tourist attraction place, Picnic spot and other things. Many people visit Tungareshwar Shiva Temple for enjoy the combination of the Waterfall and evergreen forest.

This temple attraction is with water streams, dense evergreen forest cover, and mountain. The Tungareshwar Mandir is situated on one of the highest mountain plateaus in Vasai, 2177 feet above the ground. After about a 3 km hike and walking through two streams, you reach the Lord Shiva temple. The Tungareshwar Shiva Temple is open in morning 5.00PM to 6.00PM.

Tungareshwar Shiva Temple

History of Tungareshwar Shiva Temple

There are many myths behind the Tungagreshwar Mandir since ancient times. The oldest known myth is the Lord Shiva participation in taking Ambrosia from the ocean along with the universal gods. Tungareshwar Temple, a collection of five mountains houses some very holy temples like those of Shiva, Kal Bhairav (the avatar of Shiva), Jagmata Temple , the Balyogi Sadanandh Maharaj Matth This temple is naturally situated in a strangely beautiful garden. The surrounding of the Temple is Cove by the forest and Shiv Temple is on the Hills. Since then, an incarnation of stone linga was present here and the tribal people worshiped with great devotion. The Tungareshar Temple is thronged in by devotees all the time, and during the time of Mahashivratri, the number of devotees coming here goes up to 2 Lac.

The main feature of Tungareshwar Mandir is that the surroundings of the temple. It is lush green, thickly wooded and offers many opportunities to trekkers, mountaineers and nature lovers. Today, it is a well-maintained Hindu Temple in Maharashtra for Lord Shiva.

How To Reach

The Tungareshwar Shiva Temple is near by the Vasai Station.

The Tungarshwar Mandir is open to the public and tourists every day from morning 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM evening. Devotees from Vasai surrounding areas visit this temple daily.

Tungareshwar Shiva Temple

Best Time To Visit Tungareshwar Shiva Temple

The Tungareshar Shiva Temple is fomous for their waterfalls, many people visit Tungarashwar Temple in Monsoon Season to enjoy the Waterfalls and the greenery . If you want to visit the Tungareshwar Shiva Temple the best time is Rainy Season.

You can Also visit on Maha Shivratri

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