Best Jim Corbett Tour Packages: Things to Do

Planning a vacation to the beautiful Jim Corbett National Park? Make sure you also check out the neighbouring tourist spots around the national park. And to do that, you will need a detailed itinerary to help you plan better and not miss out on the wonders of Corbett.

There are plenty of activities to do in Jim Corbett. There are places to explore, adventures to begin, and a lot of relaxation you can expect in the blissful solitude of nature. Jim Corbett National Park is located in Uttarakhand. Every year, the national park attracts a lot of visitors from different parts of the country and the world. The place is perfect for people who wish to experience the jungle in its full glory. The wildlife at Corbett is rich, the flora flourishing, and the opportunities plenty for curious visitors to witness the beauty of nature.

But where shall you begin exploring from when you go to Corbett? The five-star resort and spa, Corbett the Baagh, is a place where you can not only fix yourself for a luxury accommodation for your vacation, but also as a spot from where you can begin your adventures. The resort has the best Jim Corbett packages that you can check out and follow to get some ideas on how to spend your vacation in Corbett.

Things That Should Be On Your Jim Corbett Package


Corbett is a beautiful place, which is rich in flora and fauna. There are many places you could go sightseeing in Corbett. There is Corbett waterfall, Garija Devi temple, Sitabani temple, and the Corbett Museum to see. Besides shrines and museums, there are local places to explore, trails to follow, and nature walks and hikes to go on.

The Sitabani Forest Reserve is home to leopards, tigers, and many different types of animals and plants. This is a decent spot for individuals keen on birdwatching. You can find over 500 assortments of birds moving all through the Sitabani wilderness. You can likewise recognize incredible species like the Himalayan mountain bear, Himalayan weasel, and more.

On the other hand, the Corbett Museum is situated inside the Corbett Tiger Reserve and is a serene place where you can revisit the past. The Museum exhibits Jim Corbett's ancient rarities from when he was living there. The individuals who are keen on being familiar with the historical backdrop of this spot will adore the Corbett Museum. The old-world appeal of this spot will cause you to feel like you have turned back the clock. There is also a sunset point around here that you should certainly check out.

Jungle Safari & Camping

Become one with the wilderness as you voyage into the jungles of Corbett sitting in a Jeep. You can also book a camp night in the wilderness. Go through a night in a comfortable tent by the huge fire in the jungle to feel one with nature. You will get an opportunity to observe the superb wild of Corbett. Also, if you turn out to be adequately fortunate, you might also spot a tiger or other animals during your safari.

For Jeep Safaris, the Dhikala Zone in Corbett is the best. You can book jeep safari and night camping there with a professional guide who promises both safety and adventure. Only very few forest reserves in the country allow night camping inside forests. So, camping and safari is something that should most definitely be on your itinerary for Jim Corbett.

Trying Local Cuisine

When you’re in Uttarakhand, you need to try the local cuisine over there because it is absolutely delicious. You can get this local cuisine at Nivala or Angara - the two in-house restaurants at Corbett the Baagh. While Nivala is a multi-cuisine restaurant, Angara is a grill kitchen where the chef serves his handcrafted recipes to the guests by the poolside on the 5-star property. Food is one of the simplest pleasures in life and you should definitely give the local Uttarakhand cuisine a try.

Unwind at a Resort

You deserve some pampering during some vacation. Stop by at Corbett the Baagh resort and spa to enjoy a pampering day out. If you’re wondering how much does Jim Corbett cost, in terms of partaking in recreational activities, let me tell you that when you book a package at Corbett the Baagh resort and spa, you get discounted rates, based on what time of the year you’re coming. The spa services in this luxury resort are professional and will rejuvenate you to the core so that you leave with a fresh mind.

Adventure Sports

Corbett is the place for adventure. It is famous as an adventure destination. The experience of Corbett doesn't stop at only the wilderness. You can participate in different adventure sports like boating, river rafting, rock climbing, bungee jump, and more similarly enthralling activities. There is a tremendous extent of amusement waiting for individuals at Corbett who love seeking adventure through adventure sports. If you are such a person, you will have a great time at Corbett.

Pack Your Bags

Now that you know how you can be spending time at Corbett, what are you waiting for? Book the best Jim Corbett package at Corbett the Baagh, pack your bags, and say goodbye to your current location for a few fun-packed days! Corbett is waiting for you. Make sure you show up !

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