Monsoon in Goa - 21 top reasons to visit Goa in monsoon season

Monsoon in Goa is one of the best things to explore once in a lifetime. This is the best 21 Top reason to visit Goa Monsoon Season. When Monsoon arrives in Goa, there are many different activities in Goa. There are fresh fruit and vegetable available this season.

Goa is a place that is mostly visited by people during the summers. The beaches in Goa attract tourists extensively. The nightclubs, shacks on Goa beaches, the historical architectures of Goa, the water sports and activities in Goa attract people from all across the globe. The number of tourists visiting Goa is at the peak from October to May. However, during monsoon season there is a substantial decrease in the number of tourists visiting Goa due to the rains. Visiting Goa during the rainy season has its own perks and benefits. There are Goa monsoon packages available with seawater sports that can help you explore the best places to visit Goa in it’s time for you to say goodbye to the misconception that Goa isn’t worth visiting during monsoon and plan your itinerary to Goa at the earliest. Below, we are going to discuss the advantages of visiting Goa during the rainy season that stills remains unknown to many tourists.

1: Travel cheap- The ticket price to Goa is really cheap during the monsoon season. Since not many people travel to Goa because of the rainy season, there is a massive decrease in the amount of airfare. The rates of the tickets are reduced to almost half as compared to the rates during the peak season.

2: Accommodation at a discounted price- if you happen to visit Goa during the rainy season, you will find good accommodation at a very low price. The prices even drop by 50% during the off-season.

3: Peaceful and less crowded beaches are one of the major perks of visiting goa during the rainy season.

4: Visiting the majestic waterfalls during the monsoon season is a heavenly feeling. There is nothing better than witnessing nature and its divine beauty. The water gushing from the waterfalls during the monsoon season is a sight one must witness.

5: Try the famous Goan fish curry. Yes, you would surely get this special Goan dish at any time of the year but the fishes during monsoon are fresh. This delicious cuisine of Goa is sure to relish your taste buds.

6: The haunting beauty of the well-known Chapora fort and Vagator beach in Goa makes it one of the best places to visit Goa in monsoon. This place offers some of the picturesque views, that are worth witnessing.

7: The storms and the rains in Goa during monsoon can be quite dramatic to watch. You can always opt to rent a two-wheeler at a very low price and explore the local heritage of Goa with the utmost ease. The cloudy weather of Goa during the monsoons make it an ideal climate to explore the city with your significant one, and Sea Water Sports also provided a Bungee in Goa at a cheap rate.

8: You can also visit the wildlife sanctuary and give a treat to your eyes by observing various animals and birds.

9: You can watch or even participate in the local Goan festivals like the fertility feast of SaoJao, the festival of St. Peter that is held in the month of July and is celebrated with the help of a lot of cultural programs.

10: We all know that alcohol in Goa is cheaper as compared to any other Indian state, but during monsoon, its prices decrease further.

11: Lush green surroundings, cloudy climate, peaceful beaches, and less crowd are some of the major perks of traveling to Goa during the monsoons.

12: You can indulge in white water rafting. It takes place on the Mhadei river from the month of June to September. It costs around Rs.1800/-  per person.  The charges would include your transportation cost too. It is a thrilling activity and every individual visiting Goa during monsoon should surely try this. After you are done with trying all the water activities during the peak season, it’s time for you to indulge in River Rafter and Bungee Jumping In Goa during the rainy season.

13: You can also involve in various treks organized by the GTDC. Explore the wildlife and lesser-known waterfalls of Goa.

14: In the month of June, at Calangute beach In Goa, you can be a part of the beachside party.

15: You can also celebrate the world Goa day during monsoons. It is a Goan festival that celebrates the tradition, music, and cuisine of Goa.

16: You can also pay a visit to the spice plantation in Goa. There are a lot of spice plantations in Goa. They are most beautiful during the monsoon season. See how they grow cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, and cardamom. There are Savoi Plantations, which is one of the best. Also, visit a cashew distillery and enjoy the traditional Goan Saraswat meal.

17: Monsoon is the best time for photography lovers. You will come across various scenic views that you would love to capture in your camera. So if photography is your list of hobbies, visit Goa during monsoons.

18: An ideal place to rejuvenate, you can enjoy a peaceful time here. Yoga, Ayurveda and spa experience here will make you want to visit this place again.

19: The adventure boat trip is a good idea to try in Goa in monsoon. bungee jumping and also the highest spot for Bungee Jumping in Goa and one of the best who provides this facility is Sea Water Sports

20: If you love shopping, visiting Goa at any time of the year would be a perfect choice for you. The road leading to Candolim Beach In Goa has lots of shops and stalls where you can purchase funky outfits and local gifts.

21: The Aguada fort, Se cathedral church, the church of St. Alex are few Goa destinations you could visit and enjoy your time in Goa.

You might have probably heard it a thousand times from people around you that Goa isn’t a place to visit during Monsoon. However, it is just a myth and we have provided you enough reason to explore Goa tourist places with the help of Goa Tour Packages provided to you by Sea Water Sports.

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