Top Beaches in Goa – Agonda Beach for Water Sports

Agonda Beach is the best spot for water activities sunbathing, relaxing and swimming, walking, eating and many more. Agonda beach is the most excellent place for swimming. Agonda beach is one of the top beaches in South Goa. Agonda Beach provides an opportunity to relax on a long beach. Agonda beach is special because you will find absolutely no tourists, no stalls, no restaurants, nothing just the trees, the beach, the beautiful ocean and you. The beach consists of an ancient Agonda Church, Saint Anne's Church and few academic institutions.

1: Agonda Beach In Goa

Agonda Beach In Goa, a gorgeous three-kilometer stretch of relatively pristine Goan beach, is the fairly unspoiled jewel in the crown that is south Goa. A quiet fishing village for most of the year, Agonda beach transforms itself into a fairly high-end, family-oriented, yoga-loving Goa beach resort for seven months over the November through May season.

Though the waters here might not be the most ideal place for swimming, Agonda Beach is definitely a place for those who want to quit on a Monday morning.

Agonda Beach in Goa basically has one long road parallel to the beach line, most rooms and bungalows for rent are located either between them or on the opposite side of the road. In the center of the beach, there is Agonda Church and even a local school/college (funny enough called Agonda University) to the right of it. Many local children go from there in the morning.

Another road goes up from the church, crosses the river shortly after and goes through the village to the junction with the main road from Chaudi and Palolem Beach in Goa, which are both to the right. To the left, this bigger road crosses the village until the beach road joins it near the river mouth and northern end of the beach, then continues on in the direction of Cabo da Rama.

2: The Nightlife of Agonda Beach

Are you an affair beastly and adulation to get pleasure nightlife abundant with fun, joy, and excitement? Again don’t absence an adventitious to appointment Goa, area such opportunities galore. Nightlife in Agonda Beach is an actually accepted abstraction at this admirable day-tripper destination of India as it is steeped in the Portuguese culture. At one point in time, it was a Portuguese colony. One of the agitative facts about this acreage is that one can acquisition a bar-cum-restaurant in about every fifth house.

As the day draws to a close, the accompaniment starts sparkling like a jewel with lights. It is so abundant to see and get pleasure here- from apple acclaimed beaches to adventure activities in Goa, confined and clubs. There are several options to accept from. It seems as if the activity at this accompaniment starts at night. This alluring acreage is dotted with several lounges and discotheques, which are the above army pullers. The ambiance actuality is artlessly admirable and one can go out at night to get pleasure with their ancestors or friends. The restaurants serve amazing comestible delights, abnormally seafood. And in case you ambition to analyze Goa during the daytime, again bounded clubs can be the best option.

Another absorbing way of adequate nightlife in Goa is by partying with your accompany or ancestors at the beaches. Just brainstorm how blood-tingling the acquaintance would be! The best advantageous time to hit this aces day-tripper destination is during the Christmas and New Year season. It is the eon back you can get pleasure from the nightlife at its best. You can additionally get pleasure affair cruise on the Mandovi river at night. The accompaniment is additionally acclaimed for its casinos and India’s alone amphibian casino, the Caravela, is amid here.

Some of the acclaimed Nightlife Spots

Cafe Mambo’s
Club West End
Club Cabana

Facts of Agonda Beach In Goa

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