Kashi Vishwanath Temple Break History

Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, April 9, 1669, in Banaras “Kashi Vishwanath temple break” which was ordered to follow in August 1669, the Kashi Vishwanath temple was demolished to build the mosque was Gyanvapi. that Order a copy of the Asiatic Library today is apparently secured in Kolkata (am giving the order with the copy and see for themselves in the screenshot)

Incarcerate and torture by his father, who thirst Atatyi and bigoted devotion and faith of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb center Banaras Hindu pilgrimage sites including the temples of the Hindus to break his regime mentally made every effort to defeat. …. Aurangzeb came to the throne by greed and violence had become a convert, the grueling four Hindu claps of thunder in April 1669 …… who were dismissed when Muslims were to withdraw …. Aurangzeb was the stated policy of ‘thunders, provided Islam namely to be Muslim Kanungoi …

Kashi Vishwanath temple in Kashi, from age twelve ‘Jyotirlingas key … it is the place of Shiva, the First Yogi, and Parvati, etc. so as Adiling Avimukteshwar's first sex has been considered only .. also is mentioned in the Mahabharata and the Upanishads.

In the 11th century, BC by King Hrishcndra renovated the Vishwanath temple was built by the emperor Vikramaditya was built renovations. Rob him in 1194 after he broke Muhammad Ghauri said. According to historians, the year the temple was demolished in 1194 by Muhammad Ghauri. It was rebuilt, but once again in the year, 1447 Sultan Mahmud Shah of Jaunpur was demolished.

Re-year 1585. E. Pt with the support of the king Toderml. Narayan Bhat again at this place was built a magnificent temple. The grand temple the year passed in 1632 by Shah Jahan ordered the army to be sent in to break it. Due to the strong resistance of the army Hindus Vishwanath temple when the central temple could not break, but they were given another temple of Kashi 63.

DR. AS Bhatt, in his book ‘charity Haravli’ mentioned in that Toderml rebuilding the temple, was built in 1585. On April 18, 1669, issued a decree Aurangzeb ordered to demolish the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. The decree Asiatic Library, Kolkata still safe.

Written by the author of that time, Saki Mustad Khan ‘Maside Almgiri’ describes the crash. Breaking a temple here on the orders of Aurangzeb made the Gyanvapi mosque … September 2, 1669, breaking the Aurangzeb completed the temple was reported to be … Thousands of Brahmins Muslim Aurangzeb had also passed an order.

Today, 90 percent of the state’s Hindu-Muslim ancestor .. From the year 1752, the year 1780 between the Maratha chieftain Duttaji Scindia and Holkar Mlharrav made the temple of salvation … August 7, 1770. E. Mahadji Scindia in Delhi Emperor Shah Alam issue an order to recover compensation from the temple made the break, but by then the secret of the East India Company was at Kashi upgrade the temple stopped … Indore in 1777-80 renovated this temple built by Queen Ahilyabai … Ahilyabai Holkar Vishwanath temple had been erected in the same premises on which the Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab parasol made of gold, .. Gyanvapi the pavilion built by Maharaja of Gwalior queen Bajabai Nepal made the giant Nandi statue.

In 1809 the year of Kashi Hindu forcibly occupied the mosque was built, because it is the area known today as the entire region Gyanvapi pavilion called Gyanvapi mosque …. December 30, 1810, the then-District Magistrate Mr. Banaras.

Watson, Vice President, the Council wrote to Gyanvapi complex, to submit forever to Hindus, but it could never be possible … the history books of the 11th and 15th century period, referring to the temples Demolition of the things are revealed … Mohammad Tughlaq (1325), the contemporary author book Jinprb Suri's diverse Aeon Shrine’ is written in the area were called Baba Vishwanath Dev.

The author also wrote that Feroze Shah Tughlaq Furr some temples were turned into mosques … In 1460 doctoral his book “Pilgrim Chintamani ‘describes the Avimukteshwar and Biseshwar is the same sex.

Left (anti-Hindu) temple break the secular ideology justifies this traitor historian has written that with the money from foreign religion >>>>>

Aurangzeb and his army in the year 1669 AD, the Hindu king, being with friends Bengal had gone. The way of Varanasi Varanasi Hindu princes’ wives come to take a dip in the Ganges at Kashi Vishwanath temple to worship whom Aurangzeb readily expressed willingness … agreed, and, his army camp five kilometers from Banaras Hindu kings from the location of the stop Dialkfir queens Gangagat sedan and his bodyguards went with a dip in the Ganga went to the Vishwanath temple worship.

After worshiping the queen of all queens, then returned but did not return Kutch, which Aurangzeb was panic in the Army and he ordered his military to discover the Queen … Queen with his troops finds commandant of Aurangzeb came to the temple where, after the discovery, “Lord Ganesha “behind” the downward staircase weeping queen found them in the basement of the temple.

Whose identity and jewelry had been plundered by the priest of the temple … then let Aurangzeb The Hindu kings with management against the temple priests and made the hard-boiled … which forced Aurangzeb sought to punish the priests and the “ Vishwanath temple “temple Todwa giving orders to demolish the mosque in the same place made Gyanvapi.

These historians lie of an anti-Hindu story
Nkl-Aurangzeb, Benares, and Bengal were not ever lying Her biography written it is not written in any history book. Not to mention, these Yatrao.

The robbers depraved killer Nk2- lie thousands of temples destroyed by Aurangzeb Thallislia written history of these historians offend worth throwing in the trash with money from the leftist historian of Islam ‘against Hindus’ today They also speak writes historian Muslims tyrannical Hazlkinhu

Do not say .. mogul war criminals of this country … also dare say these historians do not write …

Nk3 lie-Hindu king to war with the Muslim ruler can not take their wives along holdup Halkyoki Muslims were the ladies lock up.
Nk4- lie when the Queen of Kutch and other Rania went to the temple with his bodyguards else. For kidnapped by a priest or abbot was possible. In doing so, why did not anyone by the priest. …

Nk5- lie if, somehow, these may not be the magic was also to punish the priest and temple with Hindu kings to order the break why Aurangzeb. Hindu

Kings have any power that they themselves would punish those priests and temple management …

-Do Not lie .6 breaking temples on the mosque’s prayer had gone along by Hindu kings.
Do not lie -mandir 7 after the break and the first in history, why not mention the so-called Queen of Kutch …
Any left-wing answer to all these questions (anti-Hindu) historians does not have because it is a completely fabricated story ….

The Left (anti-Hindu) historians history books written for their personal selfishness and greed ……
Reality thing read in a fundamentalist Muslim and Crusader Aurangzeb seminary was Aurangzeb's predatory killer Arabic religion to humiliate Hindus, Hinduism not only to eliminate the Kashi Vishwanath rather Krishnjnm land temple of Mathura Other All famous demolished to build the mosque was made … Lljise these wretched leftist secular historians are engaged in any way justify.

And the situation is that … .. your old Vishwanath Temple Kkvhan Gyanvapi mosque built by Aurangzeb teasing … And even today we face Hindus, Mullein it ….. do regular prayers while still Gyanvapi Hindu goddess statue inscribed on the walls of the mosque of -deletion Hankgyanwapi up in the wall of the mosque Hindus worship Gauri times are 1 year. Nandi Lord Vishwanath is seated in front of the mosque ….!

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