Who Is A Homeopathy Doctor?

Whenever google search shows results for "Homeo doctors near me", it will consist of names of the best homeopathic doctor in India and abroad. However, the real question is: who is a homeopathy doctor? Is a doctor with homeopathy different from traditional medicines. Let's find out.

What is homeopathy?

This system of medicine works on the philosophy that a body can heal on its own. Founded by Samuel Hahnemann, a physician of Germany in the 1700s, it is now a part of different treatments throughout the world. Homeopathic doctors view symptoms of an illness as a general response of the body when it tries to regain its health.

We've heard of the phrase 'diamond cuts diamond'. Homeopathy works on the same principle. Homeopathy doctors treat a person with this system by giving a patient a tiny amount of the same substance that causes that illness. However, these doses are highly diluted and very small in size. These medicines are available for a variety of diseases.

Who are the best homeopathy doctors near me?

Hari om Homeo Director

India has produced online homeopathy doctors and physically available doctors in large numbers, as this form of medicine has been promoted in India. But, Dr. Nitish Chandra Dubey, BHMS is one of these homeopathy doctors, that outshine others when it comes to offering the best homeopathy treatment in India.

When you look for an " Indian homeopathic doctor near me", his clinic HariOm Homeo Kalyanpur will outshine others, as it believes that homeopathy has the essence and the spirituality of India.

What are the Different Courses in Homeopathy?

In India, doctors have to go through rigorous training to achieve a license to practice as homeopathy doctors. They have the option to go through certification, diploma, bachelor's, and masters in homeopathy. Details:

  • Certificate: Many institutes offer courses in homeopathy that range between 3-6 months. Those who want to get a brief introduction to homeopathy may opt for this course.
  • Diploma course: PG and non-PG diploma courses ranging from 1-2 years fall under this category.

-Diploma in Homeopathy

-Diploma in homeopathy and medicine

-diploma in electro homeopathy medicine (DEHM)

  • Bachelors: Those who want to be full-fledged homeopathy doctors may opt for bachelor courses that last for 3-5 years. (BEMS, BHMS)
  • Masters: Indian institutes offer full-fledged master courses for homeopathy that last for 3-5 years. These are:

-MD (Hom Pharmacy)

-MD(Home-Practice of Medicine)

-MD(Homeopathic Materia Medical)

Eligibility for appearing in these courses

If you want to be among the "best homeopathy doctors near me", you have to fulfill these eligibility criteria that will secure your admission in homeopathy courses.

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

  • Aspirants that have appeared and passed 12th standard with these subjects- English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
  • Minimum 50% marks as aggregate in their 12th standard. Those who belong to reserved categories need a minimum of 45% marks as aggregate.
  • Minimum age: 17 years
  • Secure minimum rank in NEET entrance exam.

Master courses

Only those who have a bachelor's in homeopathy are eligible to complete a master's in the field.

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