Why Paithani Sarees are more demanding?

Why Paithani Sarees are more demanding?

You can search for paithani sarees online India. The saree that is weaved is exceptionally soft and delicate. The designs and motifs that adorn the saree are also unique

The paithani saree is well-known for its essence. The Paithani style of saree is handwoven silk with a vibrant, ornamental zari pallu and border. What sets apart Paithani sarees is their unique weaving method. The whole process - from dying of the yarn to weaving - is done by hand. The central body of the saree is intertwined by hand in looms. Whereas the weaving process of the pallu and border is comparable to the tapestry weaving technique. You can search for paithani sarees online India.

The saree that is weaved is exceptionally soft and delicate. The designs and motifs that adorn the saree are also unique. The motifs are formulated by interlocking and tying the coloured threads to the warp of the loom. The reverse side of the saree glances as gorgeous as the front side. The extraordinary weaving of the saree makes it look as if the designs have been inlaid into the fabric of the saree! Paithani sarees are distinguished based on the colours, weaving techniques and motif.

Paithani sarees for weddings are a big “Yes”! The design is luxurious, and it makes you look gracious without a qualm. Its kaleidoscope effect is well realised, and so is the square oblique border. So when you have a wedding party to attend, don’t give it the next thought; just drape a paithani saree. You are going to be a show-stealer, certainly!

Let's Delve into HISTORY!

The Paithani sari has its heritage in antiquity, hailing from the royal dynasties of the mediaeval town of Paithan in Aurangabad. Called after the town, the sari is thought to have been initially made with the finest silk threads from China and pure zari that was spun locally. This sari signifies years of plethora and the finesse of Indian handloom, and every article is characterised with the elegant and liberal use of gold, as well as floral and bird-inspired motifs. The modern iterations of the sari from Paithan and Yeol are formulated from homegrown silk threads from Bangalore, while the zari is sourced from Surat. To create a real Paithani sari, around 500 grams of silk threads and another 250 grams of zari threads are utilised for a regular six-yard piece, while the nine-yard iterations use more raw material and can weigh up to 900 grams. Amazing, isn't it?

Unique paithani sarees online India

A distinctive trait of a Paithani is that both sides of the sari look precisely the same. This makes for a valuable way of differentiating it from the plethora of Paithani sarees made on a power loom and other copies in the market. Look for the popular colours such as reds, yellows, sky blues, magentas, greens, peach-pinks and purples, as well as the conventional motifs—the Narali (coconut) is usually discerned on the border along with pankha or fan shapes.

What's in the TREND!

Paithani sarees are a vital part of Maharashtrian culture. Contemplated as the queen of saris, it is what the Kanchipuram sari is to the South. Nonessential to say, it is a must for every Maharashtrian for auspicious occasions, festive moments and marriages. A Paithani weave is like gara needlework; it leaves no threads hanging. It is all locked and doesn’t get entangled with accessories, which constantly makes brides heave a sigh of relief. You can check out these brands’ websites or make an order via their online stores to pick printed T Shirts in a variety of designs. Another brand that is popular for manufacturing Printed T Shirts for men is Represent.

Over the years, this heritage weave has been given a contemporary update as modern brides find newer ways of embracing their roots. Most brides opt for creasing the pleats on the sides, and draping the persisting yardage around the neck like a dupatta. Different and unique ways to style this sari encompass swapping the conventional blouse in favour of white shirts and jackets, well-cut tank tops or a T-shirt for the pre-wedding ceremonies. If you wish to channel the royal grace of fore, look to Maharani Chimnabai of Baroda’s signature Nauvari drape, usually paired with a long jacket blouse. Brides can also select to drape the sari like a gown, reminiscent of the style attributed to Suniti Devi, Maharani of Cooch Behar.

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