What to Wear at Holi Festival 2023- Tips | Outfits | Care

What to Wear at Holi Festival 2023- Tips | Outfits | Care

Holi is the most rainbow-like festivals of the year in Hindu Calendar which carries about joy and happiness of its own. The Hindu Spring Festival is a broadly celebrated one, not just in India, but around the world. It is called as the Rang Panchami or “Festival of colors!”

It is endless to the types of dresses you can wear at Holi, such as sarees, tops, and shirts, there is just zero limit to testing with looks on this day. Since the celebration calls for a play of colors, the go-to color for it is white. Men and women similar dress up in white, coloring themselves different hues of spring. However, you can change the norms by selecting vibrant colors for the occasion like pink, orange and red. We are bestowing you some fun attire ideas that you can show this March on Holi.

Color of your Attire

Traditionally white is the most preferred color worn while playing Holi. But you can experiment with any other color too. White is the preferred color because it leaves the color pigments to stand out. Thus, your t-shirt will be turned into a technicolor canvas that you can proudly wear throughout the holi festival and even keep as a reminder of the good time you had. Wear shorts, this is the best option due to the weather conditions during the Holi Festival. White is also the best option for your bottoms though, if you're a woman, you can also opt for a white dress.

However, you can choose any color you like if you want to experiment with the pigments. We recommend wearing pastel colors, with bright clothes the paint might not look as good! Remember that what is important in Holi is the color powder, so wearing white clothes will allow it to stand out and look great.

How to Remove Holi Pakka Colour from Face and Skin
Hey Friends Holi is Coming on Sunday, 28 March 2021 and trending question is howto remove holi colour ? hope you have purchased Natural Colour or organic Colourbut what about your friends who is doesn’t know how to play holi. They Purchasedharm full Color which elements are chemical. because of h…

Avoid Transparent and Clingy Clothes

Transparent or clingy clothes can spell havoc for you when splashed with water. Sometimes it even attracts unwanted attention especially in an open crowd. It’s best to wear sensible clothes in which you can enjoy yourself and have a good time.

If you choose white attire take care that white becomes transparent when splashed with water, we suggest thick fabrics such as 100% cotton. Also, it's best if you wear some standard plain underclothes so that you don’t embarrass yourself in front of the crowd.


Choosing perfect footwear for your Holi dress is very important and can be tricky as well. When it comes to footwear flip flops are the best option. You will get wet. You will be covered in colors. So the easiest shoes you can wear when they are wet & the easiest ones to wash are the ones to opt for

Accessories For Holi 2023

Your Holi dresses for men and women demands a twist this time, we can’t deny the fact that Accessories like a cap, Bandanas, goggles are a very important part. These Accessories are not just for style statement but also keep you safe and protect your eyes, skins, and hairs from harmful colors. You can add extra glamour by wearing sunglasses.

Protect Nails in Holi festival

Paint your nails with some dark colors. You can try a Holi colored nail art which brings beautiful brightness to your nails. Also, it pairs up with the theme – Holi Festival. Know more About how to Remove Holi Colors from Face.

Make up for Holi festival

So, now the question arises, Should we put makeup on Holi festival or not?
If you want to look gorgeous among your friends then I will suggest you go a light makeup with a waterproof mascara or Kajal or eyeliner.

Save your hair

Folks love to splash colors and drench everyone by saying ‘Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai’. We find this fun too, but how about our skin and hair? Ensure that you apply enough oil. It must be a blend of warm coconut oil and Castor Oil. This will support your scalp and hair remains sustained and spare your hair from dry chemical colors.

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