The Best Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Modern Home

Christmas is a great time to decorate your home with some creative and colorful ideas to inject a sense of cheerfulness and celebration. It is also a time to get the home ready for a series of parties / get-togethers till New Year and beyond. So you naturally want to do something that will showcase your personality and impress your guests. We spoke to home interior designers in Gurgaon to gather some simple and fun ideas.

Vibrant Color Theme

A vibrant color palette always ensures a joyous mood. You could also use the season’s shades red or green as accent colors, or create a winter vibe using white and silver. Cushions, throws, rugs or even fresh flowers in red are a great way to instantly brighten up the space.

If your space has a neutral or white background, you could add white curtains, faux fur rugs and throws in white to create a wintery vibe. Decoration in silver or white will further establish a white Christmas look.

Christmas Tree Decoration

Whether you have an actual tree or a faux one, there is great fun to be had by adding all those embellishments on it. If you want to be imaginative, you could also make a DIY tree using sustainable materials like paper, cardboard, books, etc., then either paint it green or leave it in its natural color and decorate with all those shiny tinsels.

Table Top Decor

If you’re going for a small faux tree, you could place it on any Tablecloth linens and create a Christmas mood around it. It could be on your dining table, coffee table or a console whichever offers a focal point in your home. Beautiful candle holders, tea light holders, some quirky accessories, vases filled with fresh flowers, and such eclectic elements can be arranged to create a charming scene.


Nothing spells winter and Christmas mood like a wreath. Check out DIY ideas to create something that is funky and unusual – dried leaves and twigs, pine cones, paper, fabric…. diverse materials can be used to make fun and vibrant wreaths. Decorating them can be as satisfying as decorating a Christmas tree.

Candles and Tea Light Holders

Candle holders and tea light holders of various makes and styles allow you to add color, shape and finishes to your table top décor. Metallic finishes, especially gold, will add the unmistakable lux look. Wooden or stone ones bring a natural warmth.

Fairy Lights

The glint of fairy or star lights adds unbelievable magic to any place. Use them creatively by putting them into glass jars or bottles, place them strategically to highlight your décor, or hang them over doorways and windows, for a warm and welcoming note.

Snow Flakes

A quintessential part of Christmas décor, snowflakes in white, gold or silver introduce whimsy and sparkle. Making your own snowflakes of various sizes and patterns by using intricate cutting techniques can be a fulfilling holiday activity with children.

Crystal-ware and Dinnerware

This is the best time to bring out your treasured crystal ware and dinnerware for both display and entertaining. Mixing and matching styles will result in an eye-catching spectacle.

Outdoors Decor

Since the weather is conducive for outdoor entertaining, update your patio, balcony or backyard décor with Christmas spirit. Create seating for intimate get-togethers with friends and family. Lanterns, fairy lights and candles can be used to create a mellow mood, and potted plants, artworks and sculptures can be added to accessorize the place. Colorful cushions and throws can immediately cozy up the place. Bright table runners and mats, floral centerpieces, candles, tea light holders can help you set up a festive table.  

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