Top Beaches in Goa – Colva Beach for Water Sports

Colva Beach in Goa is the oldest and the largest beach in Goa for Scuba Diving. It is the most spectacular beaches located in South Goa. The beach consists of about 25 kilometers of the soft white sand and is bounded along its coastline by coconut and palm trees Colva Beach is one of the top beaches located in Goa. Colva Beach located in South Goa is the most happening beach, especially for shopping and nightlife. Colva beach is full of shacks, cafes, and restaurants. Colva Beach has never been a hilarious destination for rave parties; Colva's nightlife is cheerful and dynamic. The best time to visit Colva beach is from November to March. Colva beach can get quite crowded especially on weekends.

Whether it is the endless party or food or water sports in Goa like parasailing, snorkeling, jet ski, windsurfing or scuba diving, Colva Beach In Goa is just full of life. Colva is a charming beach in South Goa, a very famous tourist spot, it is known for its beaches, food, pubs, nightlife and water sports.

Colva beach in South Goa is the nearest beach from Margao, the first south beach of Vasco da Gama. Colva beach is one of the longest stretches of sand from the south and extends all the way beyond the Colva Circle into the south. The Colva beach in Goa is popular mostly with domestic travelers. Many international visitors also visit it, but they prefer to stay away from the Circle and relax at the beach shacks. There are water activities on the Colva beach in Goa. There are many stalls, restaurants, transport rentals, massage centers, and many more on the Colva beach

It is an old beach, and one of the longest in Goa. The whole beach is coated with coconut trees, making it one of the most outstanding beaches in the South Goa. There is the Colva Beach Circle at the center of the beach, where most of the hotels, resorts, stalls, and adventure water sports are located. There is always a crowd in the afternoon and also in the evening. If you hate noise and prefer peace, all you have to do is just move a few meters to the South or North, you will get very few people there. Travelers visit this beach in search of complete relaxation and peace. Colva beach goes back a long time in the history of Goa. During the summertime, when it was very humid in Margao city, the Goan’s would arrive at the Colva beach for the change of air. It was an empty beach with the scenic beach at the time.

Colva is now one of the best beaches in South Goa and a flourishing tourist destination. Colva is a popular beach in South Goa situated close to the Margao city. Colva beach in the south is as same as of Calangute in the north. Colva beach used to be a very charming beach in Goa once upon a time with shimmering white sands.  Fishermen can also be seen drying their fishes on Colva beach. Being near to Margao city, Colva beach is one of the most explored beaches in south Goa with a majority of its domestic visitors.

While taking a view on the Colva Beach, one can get to see local fishermen drying fish like mackerel. The fish is dried under big nets to avoid the birds from getting to any of it. Colva has the best to provide when it comes to a dwelling and delicious cuisines in South Goa. A tiny stream runs along the Colva beach clears itself into the sea. It has a tiny bridge across it at the entrance of the Colva beach to enable people to cross and reach the beach. Regularly garbage is dumped into the Colva beach which should be stopped. Colva Beach lies in close proximity to the capital of Goa, Panaji. It is a fabulous beach dotted with palm trees, silky white sand and a lot of chance for fun, relaxation, and adventuring. The views of the sea ahead is as calming as the waves that brush your body. Whether it's sunbathing, taking a lazy stroll or trying out various water sports in Goa, every activity here is as enjoyable as the other. One also finds several trinket stalls and seafood stands on the Colva beach.

Water Sports Activities at Colva beach

Water activities lovers can explore speedboat ride, jet ski, snorkeling, swimming, banana boat ride, bumper rides, parasailing in Goa and many more. Apart from scuba diving in Goa is also one of the favorite water activities for tourists. So, if you want to get an adventurous Goa tour with a memorable experience of Water activities in Goa, the Colva Beach would be the best spot for you.

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Shopping at Colva beach

If you are already done with all such adventure activities in Goa, then you can also go for shopping as the main road to the beach is a popular shopping spot where you can get some clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories, and many things. After shopping, delicious food is a must for you. There are plenty of sea-facing shacks there along with the beach where you can get mouth-watering Goan cuisine. Just enjoy the real taste of seafood and Goan food with a beautiful seaside view.

Other Activities at Colva beach

Colva beach is the best spot for the one who wants to indulge in activities like sightseeing, shopping, Bungee Jumping In Goa eating and having fun. You can also tie your swinging net between two coconut trees or palm trees and can enjoy reading your favorite books in a scenic and calm spot. You can also explore an island trip along with dolphin sighting as there are many boatmen on the beach who will take on the trip.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

While you visit Colva beach, you can also visit Dudhsagar waterfalls in Goa. It is near to Colva beach. It is one of the famous waterfalls that is also named as Sea of Milk. It is a four-tiered waterfall which is located on the Mandovi River in Goa. Dudhsagar waterfalls are a part of Mollem National Park. It is a must-visit place in Goa as it has a beautiful view that offers fascinating photo and video options along with the breathtaking experience of trekking and jungle safari.

Nightlife at Colva Beach

The nightlife of Colva beach is very active and breathtaking compared to other beaches of Goa. It is bizarre and dazzling, which one should not miss out during their visit to Colva beach. It is simply very attractive to enjoy the whole night there at Colva beach. The beach shacks and hotels remain open till the late hours of the dawn. The most popular and happening nightspots are late pubs and disco that has a crowd to enjoy the whole night. Besides, there are many pubs and hotels that make a perfect day out for family and friends. It makes an amusing and memorable day with full enjoyment for young and old.

You can visit this beach from the month of October to March. So, what are you waiting for? Come and get an experience of the serenity of Colva beach. Whether you wish to rave-up in rocking night parties or want a calm relaxation, Colva beach is the perfect place for you. So, book your best holiday packages in Goa and unfold its beauty while being in the arm of nature.

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