Everything You Should Know About Malad


Everything You Should Know About Malad

Malad is a suburb located in North Mumbai. Malad has a railway station on the Western Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway, lying between Kandivali station to the north and Goregaon station to the south. The railway tracks of the Western Line divide Malad into Malad and Malad.

Things to Do Near Malad

Places to visit

1. Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach is a popular beach and a vacation spot in Aksa village at Malad Mumbai in Maharashtra, it is situated close to Malwani it is a popular weekend destination the best option for morning walk and jogging a perfect place to start your weekend, you can visit the place early in the morning and enjoy the weather amazing clean serene beach pleasant and romantic.

One can get good hotels around the beach, anyhow it is dangerous for swimming due to sinking sand. Getting to the beach can be a bit difficult since one has to travel down a narrow and very crowded Road through Malvani village, however, once you get to the beach it is not very crowded and a nice place for a relaxed stroll. It is the best ever beach I have visited no need to go Goa you can feel

Experience At Aksa Beach, the good environment you can spend some quality time with our family and friends there was a problem that water was not clean but surroundings are clean and maintained. You can get basic food like Vada Pav and bhajiya mostly while you enjoy the water and climate one can easily go and find a peaceful atmosphere. It has become popular in recent times and a lot of people visit this over the weekend have visited and had a wonderful time.

2. Marve beach

A very good place to visit with your family. You can enjoy spectacular sunrise and sunset on the beach. You can have a ferry ride there with a great view of the pagoda.

Marve beach is 7 km away into the western suburb of Malad. The beach is comparatively small and narrow due to the fast-sinking mud and swift currents. The beach is quiet and pleasant away from the city. It is mostly less crowded on weekdays. On weekends it is an ideal place for getaways for city people. The secluded coastline of the beach is what makes it worth a long stroll as you enjoy the cool breeze.

This beach also serves as a getaway for various destinations with ferry services available frequently towards Gorai, Manori and Essel World.

The beach is clean and has a beautiful scenic surrounding due to the presence of hills and have a great view of the sunset.

The beach is not considered safe for swimming due to the presence of swift currents and sinking sand.

The movement on the beach is restricted because of the narrow coastline and due to its proximity to the Indian Naval Base that includes INS Hamla.

3. Fun Ville

Fun Ville

Fun Ville is an indoor soft play area. It has a gaming zone, library corner, and a cafe. It is a good place for your children to enjoy.

4. Film City

Fun Ville

Film City is very near to Malad in Goregaon. It has shot of various serials, movies, etc.

5. Gorai Beach

gorai beach

This beach a clean and pleasant beach. It is dotted with a number of cottages, farmhouses, etc. It is the best place for couples.

6. Infinity Mall


It is one of the largest malls in Mumbai and has numerous play areas, restaurants, clothes, pieces of jewelry, etc. It is an excellent spot to spend your day with your family.

7. Madh Island

Madh Island, Malad

Madh Island is a group of several quaint fishing villages and farmlands in northern Mumbai. The area is bounded by the Arabian Sea to the west and the Malad creek on the east. There are few beaches like Erangel Beach, Dana Pani Beach, Silver Beach, Aksa Beach.

8. Madh Fort

Madh Fort, Malad

The Portuguese built Madh Fort, or Versova Fort, as a watchtower during the 17th century. However, the Portuguese lost this fort to the Marathas in the 1739 war. It stands proudly on the Madh Island, close to the Aksa Beach in Mumbai. Communities of local fishermen presently inhabit the area surrounding the fort.

9. Mindspace

Mindspace Malad

Mindspace is a Corporate area situated in the very corner. Also, there's a pleasant garden here. Head over to this place which is very quiet and have a ride at the empty roads, gossips with your friends.

Places To Eat

1. Joey's Pizza


Joey's Pizza Located in Chincholi Bunder Rd, Malad West one of the best Pizza makers in town. It is best for Non-Veggy lovers.

2. Jimi's Burger

Jimis Burger - Malad

Casual burger & fast-food eatery with industrial decor & a cool, laid-back vibe.

4. Foodland

Foodland is a Family restaurant serving a delicious and tasty variety of Indian food.

4. Garden Court Restaurant

Garden Court Restaurent

Mughlai and a Chinese restaurant with an elegant art deco interior and garden views.

5. Eggsplore


Do you feel nothing but love for eggs? Then, you should get out of your shell and head here. Do you feel nothing but love for eggs? Then, you should get out of your shell and head here.

6. Pizzaah District

pizzaah district

All the pizza lovers head into this place. The variety in their menu is excellent also the cheese burst base is available for all the cheese lovers.

7. Daffodils 23

daffodils 23

Daffodils 23 offers indoor & outdoor seating with simple decor, cozy ambiance, comfortable seating, multi-cuisine food options ranging from North Indian, Chinese & Continental cuisine.

8. UFO


This eatery is perfect for anyone who loves fries {in the battle of fries vs wedges}. They also do a unique amount of corn dishes, along with burgers and more.

9. The Food Studio

Food studio

This place looks really good and the interiors are way much better than how it looks outside. The food here is very delicious.

10. Froozo


Froozo is a newly opened ice cream place in Malad. Here you can convert your ice cream into taco ice cream or shake isn't that just great. This little cute taco can serve two people. They experimented with ice cream flavors like they have paan Froozo, gulab jamun Froozo, KitKat waffle, bubble trouble, and many more things.

Top Companies & Jobs in Malad

1. MyDigital Crown:

2. Quantiphi Analytics:

3. E10:

4. Autowebbed Technologies:

5. ICCI Prudential Life:

6. Kubic Technologies:

7. SEO Masala:

8. Firstsource:

9. i-XL Technologies:

10. Smarts3:

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